Your on premise video conferencing infrastructure for optimal performance and security

Keep the control

Deploy the video conferencing server on your network.
Full control of the service.
Feel free to open it on the web.

Easy mass deployment

Only a few hours to deploy on thousands of desktops.
Automatic setup.
LDAP, Active Directory integration.

Unbeatable cost per user

Thanks to our per-organizers licensing model for the video conferencing server.

Easy to maintain

Single-click to upgrade the video conferencing server.
All clients will be automatically upgraded.

Secure and reliable

No ports to open.
Zero impact on network security policies.
Proven reliability in corporate deployments.

Outrun state of the art

Disruptive audio, video and collaboration technology resulting from more than 10 years of R&D.



video conferencing virtual appliance vmware

video conferencing server virtual appliance vmware

Deploy & Meet
You just have to deploy this preconfigured virtual machine to start your first meetings.

Virtual machines are compliant with VMware hypervisor.

Video Conferencing server Appliance

Video Conferencing server Appliance

Plug & Meet
Simply plug in your server hardware provided by Tixeo to be able to meet.

On-site maintenance 24H after your phone call for any hardware failure.

Universal gateway for your video conferencing server

Universal gateway for your video conferencing server

The Universal Gateway Appliance allows you to attend Tixeo videoconferences from any devices, anywhere:

  • Telepresence rooms from Polycom, Radvision,
    Cisco supporting SIP and H.323.
  • Linux PC thanks to a 100% web-based
    access, no download or plugin required.
  • Android smartphones and tablets
Distributed Video Conferencing Architecture

Distributed Video Conferencing Architecture

For worldwide deployment, TixeoServer web conferencing servers are distributable.
This allows:
• Balanced bandwidth usage on several sites
• Minimized latency by positioning the servers as close as possible to users

API-Webservices for Video Conferencing server

API-Webservices for Video Conferencing server

Use TixeoServer’s SOAP API to hook and connect
it to third-party applications, such as CRMs, client
messaging, intranet…
This API covers pretty much the same functions as
the web meeting management interface.