Tixeo launches its Smart Meeting Grid technology and simplifies the global deployment of its secure videoconferencing

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Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, announces the launch of its SMG (Smart Meeting Grid) technology and offers all its customers the possibility to install its videoconferencing solution via the deployment of a multipoint network. The innovation is based on the intelligence of the system, which automatically connects users to the nearest communication servers.

Logo Smart Meeting Grid

The SMG technology allows the customer to set up its communication servers network in the regions of its choice. This multipoint infrastructure now includes intelligent management that automatically selects the active communication servers closest to users, significantly reducing latency and providing employees with an optimal user experience.

Smart Meeting Grid

Automatic selection of points of presence

This innovation perfectly meets the needs expressed by international groups who simply want to deploy Tixeo videoconferencing on a global scale and benefit from increased performance in communication flows (audio, video and data).

Renaud Ghia, CEO of Tixeo explains: “We were already proposing this type of multipoint architecture to bring users closer to communication servers. Our priority was to reduce delays (latency) that can be too long with remote sites. We now offer an infrastructure that is still easy to deploy but now has real intelligence that automatically selects the point of presence nearest to the user. This simplifies the procedure: the administrator no longer has to manually select the appropriate communication server. A simplicity that can also be found in the communication flow: each point of presence communicates only in HTTPS.

SMG technology has another advantage: it integrates a high level of service resilience. If one server stops working, another will automatically take over, ensuring continuity of service. SMG technology is designed to adapt to customers’ infrastructures, thus maintaining full control over the security of their communications.


Confidentiality and security under control in any situation:  the example of Orange

Logo Orange

The adaptability and the high level of security provided by Tixeo led Orange Group to add Tixeo secure videoconferencing to its collaboration tools.

Orange employees sometimes exchange confidential information during online meetings.

A communication server has therefore been placed in the company’s internal network to fully control the security of exchanges between employees. Videoconferences remain isolated from the rest of the company and from outside.

Employees may also be required to communicate with users outside the company. To secure these exchanges, a communication server, placed on an external Private Cloud, will automatically be selected to relay the communication flows between the internal and external servers. This organization also allows employees to use their smartphone or tablet for videoconferencing from outside via the Internet.


It should be remembered that the Tixeo secure videoconferencing solution integrates end-to-end encryption during multipoint meetings, including as communication flows (audio, video, data) pass through the SMG’s points of presence.

With SMG technology, Tixeo confirms its expertise in network and security issues applied to videoconferencing. The French editor currently offers the only certified videoconferencing solution (CSPN[1]) qualified by ANSSI[2]. Its offer was awarded the France Cybersecurity label in January 2019


[1] CSPN: Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau =  First Level Security Certification
[2] Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information = French National Cybersecurity Agency

Tixeo offers telepresence to all its customers

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Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, announces the launch of its client’s new version (14.6.3): among the new features, the European editor offers an smart multiscreen display function allowing its users to extend the interface of the solution in high resolution on an unlimited number of monitors. With this innovation, organizations can now integrate telepresence into their online meetings.

Télépresence sécurisée HD Tixeo

Immersive HD telepresence for everyone

This new feature allows the solution to be easily adapted to meeting rooms and more broadly to situations requiring authentic face-to-face communication regardless of the number of screens connected to the system. With a simple click, the organizer can choose the number of monitors on which he wants to extend the Tixeo client. The participants’ videos are distributed and enlarged on the selected screens, thus reinforcing the feeling of reality and proximity.

To offer an even stronger immersive experience, Tixeo relies on its exclusive SVC on Demand technology that will maximize the quality of each video regardless of the number. Another advantage: the system automatically dedicates a screen for any desktop or application sharing, which enhances them, thus optimizing the collaborative aspect of the meeting. This functionality is compatible with the VideoTouch Compact, the Tixeo video conferencing kit for meeting rooms.

Sebastien Jeanjean TixeoSébastien JEANJEAN, Co-founder of Tixeo adds: “With this update, Tixeo clearly stands out from other solutions available on the market. Unlike most of our competitors, this new multi-screen feature provides easy access to telepresence at no additional cost to our customers. In addition, the Tixeo solution imposes no limit on the number of displays to be connected and provides HD quality for each video displayed, subject to sufficient bandwidth..


Safety as well

In addition, Tixeo provides a range of innovative security mechanisms, such as end-to-end encryption in multipoint meetings or client-server link encryption, enabling the implementation of the most secure telepresence meetings on the market. Tixeo is currently the only certified videoconferencing solution (CSPN-1-) and qualified by ANSSI-2-, and its offer was awarded the France Cybersecurity label at the beginning of the year.

Tixeo will soon include in its Tixeo Room range a complete kit particularly adapted to this functionality for meeting rooms equipped with several screens.


-1- CSPN: Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau =  First Level Security Certification

-2- Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information = French National Cybersecurity Agency

How to ensure the confidentiality of your online meetings?

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Tixeo’s secure videoconferencing solutions help organizations fight industrial espionage.

Sébastien JEANJEAN, Tixeo co-founder, introduces the Tixeo secure videoconferencing solution designed to meet the most stringent security and privacy requirements. The solution provides true end-to-end encryption of communications (video, audio, chat and data) in multipoint videoconferencing as well as communication link encryption between client and server.

The French technology Tixeo has obtained a CSPN certification and a qualification from ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France)

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Tixeo at IT Partners 2019

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Tixeo is partner of the IT Partners exhibition which will take place from 13 to 14 March 2019 at Disneyland Paris.

IT-Partners 2019

IT Partners is the meeting place for the decision-making community of the French IT Channel. For its 13th edition, the event has been expanded and obtains a global representation of the IT, Telecoms & Audiovisual market oriented 100% channel.

For 2 days, the Tixeo team welcomes you on its booth (B72) to share on videoconferencing, collaboration and security issues.




TIXEO obtains the 2019 France Cybersecurity Label for its secure video conferencing offer

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During the 11th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (Lille, France, 22 and 23 January), Tixeo was awarded the France Cybersecurity Label and thus became the first videoconferencing solution to obtain this prestigious label.

Label France Cybersecurity - Tixeo

The France Cybersecurity Label offers the guarantee that the products and services labelled are 100% French, and that they have clear and well-defined functionalities, with a level of quality verified by an independent jury. The label award committee is composed of representatives of public authorities, industrialists and users who are experts in the sector.

The objective of this label is to promote French cybersecurity solutions and increase their international visibility. Its purpose is also to raise awareness among international users and principals of the importance of the French origin of a cybersecurity offer and its unique qualities.

Tixeo, the first video conferencing solution to be awarded the France Cybersecurity Label

Tixeo develops innovative multipoint secure video conferencing and video collaboration solutions to help organizations fight cyber espionage. The Tixeo technology offers true end-to-end encryption of client-to-client communications (video/audio/chat/data), as well as encryption of communication links between client and server. The Tixeo offer thus includes the “Data security, encryption” category of the France Cybersecurity Label.

Renaud-Ghia-TixeoRenaud Ghia, Tixeo CEO: “We are proud to be the first video conferencing technology to obtain this label, which is a quality brand and rewards years of hard work by our teams. Security is a major component of Tixeo’s DNA and we have always striven to guarantee the highest level of security and confidentiality for our customers’ videoconferences. This label not only highlights the quality and performance of our security solutions, but also confirms our status as the European leader in secure video conferencing.”


Tixeo receives this distinction two years after obtaining the CSPN certification[1] and Qualification by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI).

Learn more about France Cybersecurity Label

[1] First Level Security Certification

Tixeo, Innovation Partner of FIC 2019

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Tixeo is pleased to welcome you to the 11th edition of the FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum), which will be held in Lille on 22 and 23 January 2019.

Visioconférence TIXEO - FIC 2019

With more than 8,600 visitors (including 1,300 from abroad), 350 exhibitors and more than 80 nationalities represented, the FIC is the leading event in digital security.

The Tixeo team is waiting for you in the innovation area to discuss about the security and confidentiality of your video collaboration and videoconferencing tools.

Registration to the FIC is free for visitors and subject to validation by the organizers.



Tixeo opens a new office in Madrid and offers its secure videoconferencing solution for the Spanish market

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Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, announces the opening of a new office in Spain. Already present in France (headquarters) for more than 14 years and in Germany, the company confirms its intention to strengthen its presence throughout Europe through a multi-local approach.

Cybercrime and industrial espionage are a real scourge for companies in Europe and all over the world, and Spain is not different: in 2017, the Spanish National Cryptology Centre (assigned to the CNI) detected an average of 3000 cyber-incidents per month, a significant proportion of which were related to virtual espionage[1]. Videoconferencing, the use of which is constantly increasing within organizations, is also regularly the target of computer attacks, especially via the SIP or H.323 protocols. In addition, 90% of the market’s supply is subject to regulations outside the European Union. These editors are often forced by the authorities in their home countries to set up eavesdropping capabilities for systems that can be operated by malicious entities. Until now, no European, secure and sovereign offer has been available on the Spanish videoconferencing market.

Maximum security and next-generation collaboration for Spanish companies

Tixeo secure videoconferencing has been designed to meet the most stringent security and privacy requirements of organizations. The solution offers in particular a real end-to-end encrypted communication (video/audio/data) for multi-point videoconferencing and a link encryption between client and server.

Tixeo remains a professional video collaboration solution that facilitates the work of employees and optimizes their productivity with a wide range of collaboration tools (application and desktop sharing, remote computer control, end-to-end encrypted file transfer, etc.)

Located in Madrid, the new Tixeo office will be managed by Maribel Poyato under the responsibility of the co-founders, Renaud Ghia and Sébastien Jeanjean, based at the Montpellier headquarters (France). Maribel Poyato, a Spanish national, has many years of experience as a business development manager in Spain and at international level.

Renaud Ghia, Tixeo CEO, adds: «I am really pleased to announce the opening of a new Tixeo office in Madrid. Spain represents a very promising market for Tixeo: the entrepreneurial dynamics of cities such as Barcelona and Madrid remain very strong. This new step underlines Tixeo’s ambition to position itself more globally on the European videoconferencing market. Finally, let’s not forget that Spain is the main gateway for trade between Europe and Latin America».

[1]  Source: La Vanguardia : El CNI detecta 3.000 ciberincidentes al mes y centra su preocupación en el espionaje virtual y la guerra híbrida, 18/09/2018



New VideoTouch Compact: Tixeo further simplifies videoconferencing from meeting rooms

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Tixeo launches its new videoconferencing kit, the VideoTouch Compact, to simplify even more the organization of videoconferencing from meeting rooms.


Tixeo VideoTouch Compact


Integrated into the TixeoRoom range, this new device goes even further in the simplification process: it reduces the number of equipment and wiring and facilitates the organization of meetings. The VideoTouch Compact consists of:

  • A high-resolution (360°) rotating touch screen and an all-in-one sound system including a dual speaker (Dolby® Audio Premium Technology) and a double microphone array tuned
  • A high resolution (1080p to 30 frames per second) autofocus motorized panoramic camera (PTZ).
    With the remote control it is possible to zoom or change orientation, it also offers the possibility to memorize up to 5 presets.

Tixeo VideoTouch Compact

With this new version screen sharing and document display are also simplified: the VideoTouch Compact integrates directly into its base a capture card allowing to share the screen of a computer connected to the VideoTouch without needing an external box and invasive wiring.

In addition to this hardware simplification, Tixeo videoconferencing offers many benefits: users of the VideoTouch Compact enjoy the intuitive Tixeo client interface and high video and audio quality. With fingertips, they can access numerous collaboration functions such as screen sharing, meeting recording, rights management, secure chat, etc.

Tixeo also provides a high level of security and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption of communications in a multipoint meeting and encrypted communication link between client and server.

Finally, the TixeoGateway option provides to the VideoTouchCompact perfect interoperability to communicate with legacy videoconferencing systems such as SIP or H.323 without any of their inconvenience.

Discover VideoTouch Compact in the TixeoRoom line of products

Tixeo, software publisher, does not manufacture hardware. It supplies equipment under the DELL, ELO, LENOVO and LOGITECH brands.



New Tixeo features: recurrence of meetings and interface customization

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The release of the new Tixeo (V 14.5.0) is an opportunity to provide additional features that simplify the scheduling of periodic meetings and offer more personalization to organizations.

Scheduling a recurring meeting once and for all

It is frequent for Tixeo users to repeatedly schedule online work meetings in order to meet on a periodic schedule. Tixeo meets this need and offers organizations to precisely set up the frequency of the videoconferences they schedule in a single operation. During the meeting configuration step it is now possible to choose the frequency of repetition (in day, week -with choice of days of the week-, month or year) and to define the end of this periodicity. This option offers considerable time-savings by automating the repetition of meetings, thus putting an end to manual and repeated scheduling.

Tixeo recurring meeting

Tixeo customized with your branding

To display a consistent brand image in the implementation of their information system, organizations are increasingly adopting customizable solutions. Tixeo now offers this possibility and allows to adapt the graphic identity of companies (logo, graphic guide line, etc.) on all versions of its software client (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android), its information emails (account creation, invitations, etc.) and its Web account management interface.

The Tixeo Secure Videoconferencing receives the ANSSI security Visa by the French National Cybersecurity Agency

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 The first ANSSI-1- Security Visa ceremony took place on June 21, 2018 in Paris, Maison de la Chimie. This award ceremony was an opportunity for ANSSI to highlight French excellence in security evaluation. 

Renaud Ghia, Tixeo’s CEO, received the famous Visa from Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Digital and Guillaume Poupard, Director General of the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

 La visioconférence sécurisée Tixeo reçoit le Visa de sécurité ANSSI

To address digital risks, Security Visas delivered by ANSSI allow to identify reliable security solutions recognized as such following an evaluation carried out by approved laboratories, according to a rigorous and proven methodology.

This evaluation takes the form of penetration tests and an analysis of the conformity of these solutions to the expressed security need. Security Visas are a guarantee of security for users.

This Visa is materialized for Tixeo by the qualification (elementary level) and the CSPN-2- certification of its product TixeoServer version (qualification decision n°1606 issued on April 03, 2017). Tixeo is the first videoconferencing solution to receive an ANSSI Security Visa, which highly differentiates Tixeo from other offers on the market.

For Tixeo, this distinction is the result of 10 years of research and development that have enabled the implementation of innovative security mechanisms, including true end-to-end encryption of communications in a multipoint meeting.

 Lear more on ANSSI
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Read the press release “Tixeo, the first video conferencing solution certified and qualified by ANSSI”

-1- ANSSI : Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information = French National Cybersecurity Agency
-2- CSPN : Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau =  First Level Security Certification