New VideoTouch Compact: Tixeo further simplifies videoconferencing from meeting rooms

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Tixeo launches its new videoconferencing kit, the VideoTouch Compact, to simplify even more the organization of videoconferencing from meeting rooms.


Tixeo VideoTouch Compact


Integrated into the TixeoRoom range, this new device goes even further in the simplification process: it reduces the number of equipment and wiring and facilitates the organization of meetings. The VideoTouch Compact consists of:

  • A high-resolution (360°) rotating touch screen and an all-in-one sound system including a dual speaker (Dolby® Audio Premium Technology) and a double microphone array tuned
  • A high resolution (1080p to 30 frames per second) autofocus motorized panoramic camera (PTZ).
    With the remote control it is possible to zoom or change orientation, it also offers the possibility to memorize up to 5 presets.

Tixeo VideoTouch Compact

With this new version screen sharing and document display are also simplified: the VideoTouch Compact integrates directly into its base a capture card allowing to share the screen of a computer connected to the VideoTouch without needing an external box and invasive wiring.

In addition to this hardware simplification, Tixeo videoconferencing offers many benefits: users of the VideoTouch Compact enjoy the intuitive Tixeo client interface and high video and audio quality. With fingertips, they can access numerous collaboration functions such as screen sharing, meeting recording, rights management, secure chat, etc.

Tixeo also provides a high level of security and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption of communications in a multipoint meeting and encrypted communication link between client and server.

Finally, the TixeoGateway option provides to the VideoTouchCompact perfect interoperability to communicate with legacy videoconferencing systems such as SIP or H.323 without any of their inconvenience.

Discover VideoTouch Compact in the TixeoRoom line of products

Tixeo, software publisher, does not manufacture hardware. It supplies equipment under the DELL, ELO, LENOVO and LOGITECH brands.



New Tixeo features: recurrence of meetings and interface customization

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

The release of the new Tixeo (V 14.5.0) is an opportunity to provide additional features that simplify the scheduling of periodic meetings and offer more personalization to organizations.

Scheduling a recurring meeting once and for all

It is frequent for Tixeo users to repeatedly schedule online work meetings in order to meet on a periodic schedule. Tixeo meets this need and offers organizations to precisely set up the frequency of the videoconferences they schedule in a single operation. During the meeting configuration step it is now possible to choose the frequency of repetition (in day, week -with choice of days of the week-, month or year) and to define the end of this periodicity. This option offers considerable time-savings by automating the repetition of meetings, thus putting an end to manual and repeated scheduling.

Tixeo recurring meeting

Tixeo customized with your branding

To display a consistent brand image in the implementation of their information system, organizations are increasingly adopting customizable solutions. Tixeo now offers this possibility and allows to adapt the graphic identity of companies (logo, graphic guide line, etc.) on all versions of its software client (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android), its information emails (account creation, invitations, etc.) and its Web account management interface.

The Tixeo Secure Videoconferencing receives the ANSSI security Visa by the French National Cybersecurity Agency

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

 The first ANSSI-1- Security Visa ceremony took place on June 21, 2018 in Paris, Maison de la Chimie. This award ceremony was an opportunity for ANSSI to highlight French excellence in security evaluation. 

Renaud Ghia, Tixeo’s CEO, received the famous Visa from Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Digital and Guillaume Poupard, Director General of the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

 La visioconférence sécurisée Tixeo reçoit le Visa de sécurité ANSSI

To address digital risks, Security Visas delivered by ANSSI allow to identify reliable security solutions recognized as such following an evaluation carried out by approved laboratories, according to a rigorous and proven methodology.

This evaluation takes the form of penetration tests and an analysis of the conformity of these solutions to the expressed security need. Security Visas are a guarantee of security for users.

This Visa is materialized for Tixeo by the qualification (elementary level) and the CSPN-2- certification of its product TixeoServer version (qualification decision n°1606 issued on April 03, 2017). Tixeo is the first videoconferencing solution to receive an ANSSI Security Visa, which highly differentiates Tixeo from other offers on the market.

For Tixeo, this distinction is the result of 10 years of research and development that have enabled the implementation of innovative security mechanisms, including true end-to-end encryption of communications in a multipoint meeting.

 Lear more on ANSSI
Learn more on Tixeo security
Download the Tixeo Whitepaper
Read the press release “Tixeo, the first video conferencing solution certified and qualified by ANSSI”

-1- ANSSI : Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information = French National Cybersecurity Agency
-2- CSPN : Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau =  First Level Security Certification


Tixeo video conferencing on Linux: full confidentiality for your meetings

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, announces the availability of its solution for the Linux operating system. Users of this free platform can now install the native Tixeo client and enjoy all its benefits as well as a high level of security and privacy.

Tixeo sous Linux

This new release complements the other Tixeo client versions already available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It is now possible to install it under different Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS…) allowing to organize and participate in videoconferences in complete privacy.


Combining Tixeo and Linux to reach an unprecedented level of security

Security is one of the essential and common components of the Linux system and the Tixeo solution. By linking these two technologies the users have access to a really private videoconference that meets the most stringent security requirements.

In addition to the secure environment on the Linux platform, Tixeo provides users with a set of innovative mechanisms to guarantee the security and privacy of online meetings. The solution offers in addition to a real end-to-end encrypted communication (video/audio/data) for multi-point videoconferencing, a link encryption between client and server, or not needing to open any network ports.

Renaud Ghia, Tixeo CEO, adds Linux users were already aware of communication security issues. With the Tixeo solution, they finally have a real professional videoconferencing solution that is perfectly secure”.

Tixeo, certifiée et qualifiée par l'ANSSITixeo is the first videoconferencing solution (and the only one to date) to obtain the ANSSI -1-  Security Visa for the elementary level qualification and CSPN -2- certification fot its Tixeo Server version product (qualification decision n°1606).


A professional videoconference under Linux

The Linux version of the client brings the same quality and smoothness to communications as others platforms (HD/4K video, crystal-clear sound). It also offers many collaboration features like apps and desktop sharing, remote control, end-to-end encrypted chat and file transfer, record and livestreaming or corporate messaging.

-1- Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information = National Cybersecurity Agency of France
-2- Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau = First level safety certification

New iOS Tixeo App: for safer videoconferencing

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, launches its new iOS app allowing to organize and participate privately to meetings from iPhone and iPad. This is the first time that a professional secure videoconferencing app is available for free on App Store.  

By launching this app, Tixeo meets the mobility, security and privacy needs of Apple users for the organization of their online meetings. The users already had Tixeo solutions on macOS-based computers, they can now find the Tixeo universe under iOS.


Highly private videoconferencing on iOS

To adapt to the security and privacy requirements linked to employees’ mobility, Tixeo teams have developed the same security mechanisms as those deployed on MacOS and Windows solutions (certified and qualified by ANSSI-1-) as a real end-to-end encrypted communication (audio, video, chat, data) in a multi-point video conference, link encryption or not having ports to open.

All Tixeo benefits on iPhone and iPad

The app user interface is the same as on macOS, Android or PC. In addition, it is now possible to benefit of all advantages of Tixeo video conferencing on Apple mobile devices.

iOS users will also enjoy Tixeo’s high audio/video quality with SVC-2- on Demand technology that allows you to adapt streams to networks (3G/4G/wifi). Regarding the collaboration, all Tixeo’s features are available: document, app and desktop sharing, remote control, file transfer, record and livestreaming, corporate messaging and end-to-end encrypted chat.

Finally, this new app allows perfect interoperability with legacy videoconferencing systems (H. 323 / SIP) and phone network (incoming and outcoming calls).

The Tixeo app can be downloaded for free on App Store

-1- ANSSI : Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information = National Cybersecurity Agency of France
-2- Scalable Video Conferencing


Tixeo at AP Connect, February 7-8, 2018

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo is partner of the AP Connect exhibition which will take place from 7 to 8 February 2018 at Espace Champerret (Paris 17)

AP Connect is the French IT event for public administration

For 2 days, the Tixeo team welcomes you on its booth (C19) to share on videoconferencing, collaboration and security issues.

About AP Connect



Tixeo, innovation partner of FIC 2018

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo will once again be an innovation partner of the International Cybersecurity Forum for the 10th edition which will take place on 23 and 24 January 2018 in Lille Grand Palais.

Tixeo partenaire innovation du FIC 2018

The FIC is the key event for cybersecurity professionals to discuss the strategic issues of cybersecurity and cyber defence.

Come meet and exchange with the Tixeo teams:

  • On our booth (E28), innovation area
  • At our workshop “Video conferencing security: challenges, review of the situation and solutions”

    January 24,2018 at 12:30 pm (chaired by Sébastien Jeanjean – Co-founder)

Learn more about FIC 2018



Tixeo enhances H.323 / SIP interoperability

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

The TixeoGateway already allows perfect interoperability with legacy H.323 / SIP videoconferencing systems (incoming and outgoing calls), without opening any port. It also supports the H.239 standard allowing legacy room systems to share content into a Tixeo meeting.

Enhanced range of features

To give users more freedom and flexibility, the TixeoGateway expands its range of features.

Tixeo VideoconferencingTixeo Gateway now integrates FECC and DTMF


It now integrates FECC (Far End Camera Control): a user calling a legacy videoconferencing system from a Tixeo meeting can take remote control of a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera. Using the ergonomic navigation control, the Tixeo user can zoom in, zoom out or pan with ease.

Another important new feature is the integration of the DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) code system which enables communication with interactive voice servers and the composition of digital codes.

Finally, support for the H.239 standard has been improved: it is now possible for a Tixeo user to share an application or desktop with a legacy system.

Learn more about Tixeo interoperability

Tixeo launches VideoTouch and simplifies video conferencing from meeting rooms

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, launches its new kit: VideoTouch. Videoconferencing from a meeting room becomes simpler while maintaining a high level of quality and confidentiality.



Existing room systems: both difficult to install and use

With legacy videoconferencing systems (H.323, SIP), trouble starts right from the installation for network administrators: many ports to open, dedicated lines, firewalls complex configuration, attacks, etc.

Once installed, these systems confirm their complexity with a hard-to-use remote control, such as for entering a recipient’s address. Compatibility problems between manufacturers are also very common.

Easily manage videoconferencing with your fingertips

With VideoTouch, Tixeo makes videoconferencing very simple from a room, allowing participants to really focus on the purpose of the meeting.

The organizer easily manages meetings from the high-resolution touch console: with fingertips, he can instantly enlarge a video, moderate participants, communicate via instant messaging or share a computer screen. Users familiar with Tixeo will not be disoriented: VideoTouch has a graphical interface identical to those available on mobile solutions (Android) and workstations (PC/Mac).

On the installation side, VideoTouch has all the advantages of Tixeo’s technology for network adaptation (automatic management of available bandwidth and zero impact on network configuration).

VideoTouch kit embeds standard equipment including latest-generation PTZ camera and mic/speaker unit. The system is managed by a micro-sized unit with an i7 processor. In its initial configuration, it is designed for meeting rooms from 5 to 20 people, and can be expanded to a larger number.

Finally, VideoTouch remains an open videoconferencing system: the TixeoGateway option provides perfect interoperability to communicate with legacy videoconferencing systems such as SIP or H.323 without any of their inconvenience.



A high level of privacy

Tixeo’s secure videoconferencing technology is currently the only one certified (CSPN ) and qualified by the ANSSI . VideoTouch brings to videoconferencing from a meeting room a level of privacy never achieved before. Tixeo provides true end-to-end encryption of communications in a multipoint meeting (impossible on legacy H.323 / SIP videoconferencing systems).

Discover VideoTouch in the TixeoRoom line of products:

-1- CSPN : Certification de Premier Niveau = First Level Certification
-2- ANSSI : Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information = National Cybersecurity Agency of Franceion

Tixeo launches a new recording and broadcasting service

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, enriches its solution with a new recording service, available from the Tixeo client software, to stored or broadcast videoconferences in the Cloud.

By offering this feature, Tixeo wants to meet the growing demand of organizations to easily record, watch and share their meetings. In a context where remote collaboration is increasingly popular among companies, it was essential to propose this option..

Easy to use, stored in the Cloud

Recording a Tixeo secure videoconference is done easily from a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or a meeting room. Within a few clicks the organizer of a meeting can start the process, a visual notification then informs the participants that recording is in progress. At the end of the videoconference, it is then possible to access the recorded video stored in the cloud and replay it later.

Tixeo goes even further by allowing to directly broadcast the videoconferences with the Live Streaming option. An organizer can then consider doing a live webcast of its meeting.

Renaud GHIA, CEO of Tixeo says: Videoconferencing security is part of Tixeo’s DNA, which guarantees the confidentiality of meetings. However, some of our customers have expressed the need to massively record or broadcast their videoconferences to meet business needs such as training. We are now making this possible with this new service

The recording and Live Streaming features are available as an option in the TixeoCloud Premium, TixeoServer and TixeoPrivateCloud offers.