Tixeo launches VideoTouch and simplifies video conferencing from meeting rooms

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, launches its new kit: VideoTouch. Videoconferencing from a meeting room becomes simpler while maintaining a high level of quality and confidentiality.



Existing room systems: both difficult to install and use

With legacy videoconferencing systems (H.323, SIP), trouble starts right from the installation for network administrators: many ports to open, dedicated lines, firewalls complex configuration, attacks, etc.

Once installed, these systems confirm their complexity with a hard-to-use remote control, such as for entering a recipient’s address. Compatibility problems between manufacturers are also very common.

Easily manage videoconferencing with your fingertips

With VideoTouch, Tixeo makes videoconferencing very simple from a room, allowing participants to really focus on the purpose of the meeting.

The organizer easily manages meetings from the high-resolution touch console: with fingertips, he can instantly enlarge a video, moderate participants, communicate via instant messaging or share a computer screen. Users familiar with Tixeo will not be disoriented: VideoTouch has a graphical interface identical to those available on mobile solutions (Android) and workstations (PC/Mac).

On the installation side, VideoTouch has all the advantages of Tixeo’s technology for network adaptation (automatic management of available bandwidth and zero impact on network configuration).

VideoTouch kit embeds standard equipment including latest-generation PTZ camera and mic/speaker unit. The system is managed by a micro-sized unit with an i7 processor. In its initial configuration, it is designed for meeting rooms from 5 to 20 people, and can be expanded to a larger number.

Finally, VideoTouch remains an open videoconferencing system: the TixeoGateway option provides perfect interoperability to communicate with legacy videoconferencing systems such as SIP or H.323 without any of their inconvenience.



A high level of privacy

Tixeo’s secure videoconferencing technology is currently the only one certified (CSPN ) and qualified by the ANSSI . VideoTouch brings to videoconferencing from a meeting room a level of privacy never achieved before. Tixeo provides true end-to-end encryption of communications in a multipoint meeting (impossible on legacy H.323 / SIP videoconferencing systems).

Discover VideoTouch in the TixeoRoom line of products:

-1- CSPN : Certification de Premier Niveau = First Level Certification
-2- ANSSI : Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information = National Cybersecurity Agency of Franceion

Tixeo launches a new recording and broadcasting service

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, enriches its solution with a new recording service, available from the Tixeo client software, to stored or broadcast videoconferences in the Cloud.

By offering this feature, Tixeo wants to meet the growing demand of organizations to easily record, watch and share their meetings. In a context where remote collaboration is increasingly popular among companies, it was essential to propose this option..

Easy to use, stored in the Cloud

Recording a Tixeo secure videoconference is done easily from a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or a meeting room. Within a few clicks the organizer of a meeting can start the process, a visual notification then informs the participants that recording is in progress. At the end of the videoconference, it is then possible to access the recorded video stored in the cloud and replay it later.

Tixeo goes even further by allowing to directly broadcast the videoconferences with the Live Streaming option. An organizer can then consider doing a live webcast of its meeting.

Renaud GHIA, CEO of Tixeo says: Videoconferencing security is part of Tixeo’s DNA, which guarantees the confidentiality of meetings. However, some of our customers have expressed the need to massively record or broadcast their videoconferences to meet business needs such as training. We are now making this possible with this new service

The recording and Live Streaming features are available as an option in the TixeoCloud Premium, TixeoServer and TixeoPrivateCloud offers.


Tixeo launches its new secure Videoconferencing Android app

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, launches its new mobile app designed to host or attend meetings from any Android smartphone or tablet. Tixeo provides the first professional secure videoconferencing mobile app that guarantees a high level of confidentiality in meetings for nomad employees.

This app is designed for the uses and needs of mobile users concerned with the security of their meetings.

The whole Tixeo universe on Android

The app provides a clear and user-friendly interface keeping in line with the Tixeo universe. The user will have the full set of Tixeo’s rich features and innovations in an Android environment: high quality audio and video with the exclusive “SVC on Demand” technology that adapts the streams to the network (3G/4G/Wi-Fi), screen sharing, secure chat. He also benefits from Tixeo global connectivity (interoperability with legacy H.323 / SIP video conferencing systems and telephone network).

The safe mobility

By releasing this app, Tixeo confirms its willingness to ensure security and confidentiality adapted to mobility. The Android app has the same security mechanisms as the macOS and Windows solutions (certified and qualified by ANSSI) developed by the Tixeo team, such a real end-to-end encryption, link encryption or not needing to open any network port.

The Tixeo Android app is free to download on Google Play

Tixeo, the first video conferencing solution certified and qualified by ANSSI*

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing announces that its TixeoServer solution just obtained the elementary qualification. ANSSI recommends to use Tixeo’s solution for administrations, critical operators and all European companies concerned about cybersecurity.

ANSSI is the French preeminent national authority for security and defense of information systems. In particular, the agency contributes to the development of trustworthy products and services for administrations and economic stakeholders alike.

This qualification follows the Security Certification (CSPN) awarded by ANSSI within the category “Secure Communication”.Tixeo, the first secure video conferencing solution certified and qualified by ANSSI

Tixeo, video conferencing solution qualified by ANSSI.  


The result of 10 years of R&D

Receiving this certification is a recognition of its technological efficiency regarding cyber security, which highly differentiates Tixeo from other offers on the market. Besides high-performance audio and video and advanced collaboration features, its technology keeps your communications private thanks to innovative security mechanisms.

Among these major innovations, Tixeo includes a real end-to-end encryption in a multipoint meeting (impossible on legacy H.323 / SIP video conferencing systems). In addition, there is no need to open any ports on both workstations (Windows or macOS) and network equipment, keeping the organization’s network security policies unchanged. 

The answer to the video conferencing security challenge

The information exchanged in videoconferences is often critical. Communications during executive committees, R&D technical meetings or sales and partnership negotiations deserve perfect confidentiality.

Industrial espionage risks are real: there was until today a complete lack of sovereign, yet performant video conferencing solutions with certified security for our European companies and organizations.

The qualification of TixeoServer attests to the executives and IT managers Tixeo’s ability to guaranty security and real robustness to address identified threats.

Now, companies, national and European organizations can choose a 100% European solution, easy to use and ensuring the confidentiality of their meetings.

* ANSSI: Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information = National Cybersecurity Agency of France

Learn more on ANSSI certifications   |  Learn more on Tixeo certification (CSPN)

Tixeo enhances secure videoconferencing interoperability

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

An easier integration with the H.323 / SIP world

Having a powerful and secure videoconferencing service thanks to the Tixeo client software is fine. Granting these services to the H.323 / SIP users is even better.

This is what the TixeoGateway offers in its latest version: it already allowed an H.323 / SIP system to join a Tixeo meeting through an incoming call; Now, a Tixeo user can as well call any legacy videoconferencing system within a single click, making H.323 / SIP outgoing call.

In addition, the H.239 standard is now supported, letting legacy videoconferencing systems to share an application in a Tixeo meeting.

What about security?

Tixeo provides the only technology ensuring end-to-end encryption in a multipoint video meeting, which is simply not possible on H.323 / SIP systems.

Thanks to this new TixeoGateway and its unique architecture, any workstation can call H.323 / SIP room systems or phones without modifying the enterprise’s security policy: network administrators who have once struggled to deploy H.323 / SIP solutions know the nightmare it is and the great amount of open ports it requires. With Tixeo, this difficulty simply does not exist anymore.

Tixeo’s technology offers end-to-end encryption up to the TixeoGateway, which is designed to act as a true security portal between the new Tixeo world and the old H.323 / SIP world, protecting against the security flaws of these old protocols.

Tixeo enhances secure videoconferencing interoperability

An easier integration with the H.323 / SIP world

Tixeo: secure videoconferencing finally on your Mac

Renaud GHIA NewsEN

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience and innovation in video conferencing, Tixeo introduces a native Mac client empowered with its new encryption architecture. This Mac app offers a real end-to-end encryption for group videoconferencing with Mac or PC.

 Secure video conferencing is a still underestimated issue

Industrial espionage has become a common business practice. Security efforts are often focused on asynchronous tools whereas real-time communications are neglected. Information exchanged during an online meeting is often strategic. Protecting board, business, and technical meetings conducted through video conferencing is not an option!

A new encryption architecture

Tixeo offers an innovative architecture enabling end-to-end encryption for group videoconferencing while maintaining a high adaptability to network fluctuations. This encryption guaranties communications privacy even in the case of an attack targeting the Tixeo server.

This innovation has been made possible by the unique SVC on Demand (Scalable Video Coding on Demand) technology created by Tixeo’s R&D department. Currently constrained by their technological architecture, no other video conferencing vendor can offer such a level of security.

Tixeo, a simple and powerful Mac app

Tixeo Mac

Tixeo on Mac

The Tixeo Mac app will allow you to simply organize online meetings from any workstation with an unmatched audio and video quality. During group video conferencing, participants can share their desktop and eventually give control to another participant. More than a videoconferencing tool, with its presence and instant messaging features, Tixeo is a powerful tool for collaboration with your teams.

Secure video conferencing against industrial espionage

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience and innovation in video conferencing, Tixeo empowers its latest version with a new encryption architecture protecting online business meetings against any risk of corporate espionage.

Secure video conferencing is a still underestimated issue

The annual cost of industrial espionage now reaches billions of dollars. Thieves mainly target companies and their innovations but also confidential business information. Stealing strategic information from a competitor has become a common business practice and corporate espionage has become a real industry.

Security of video conferences is currently completely neglected despite the strategic information exchanged during an online meeting. Protecting board, business, and technical meetings conducted through video conferencing is not an option!

No trustworthy offer on the market

After several eavesdropping scandals on the telephone network and Skype, trust in communication tools has been damaged. The governments of some countries require their communications solutions vendors to provide eavesdropping capabilities (backdoors). Thus, this includes over 90% of the solutions on the video conferencing market.

Companies that want to hedge these risks usually isolate the communication tools on a private network. This approach can be efficient for internal communications but has the huge disadvantage of restricting the value of these solutions. In fact, it completely excludes external users: customers, suppliers, and partners.

Tixeo is an innovative answer with a unique encryption architecture for video conferencing.

Fully aware of this issue, in its new version, Tixeo offers a true end-to-end encryption for multipoint video conferencing while maintaining a high adaptability to network fluctuations. In addition to the client-to-server encryption (link encryption), all communications are now encrypted from end to end (from client to client). This end-to-end encryption allows an unparalleled level of security for multipoint communications. Even in the case of an attack targeting the Tixeo server, communications privacy is guaranteed.


This innovation has been made possible by the unique SVC on Demand (Scalable Video Coding on Demand) technology created last year by Tixeo’s R&D department. Currently constrained by their technological architecture, no other video conferencing vendor can offer such a level of security.

Tixeo innovation: Pushing the limits of multipoint video conferencing

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

The release of Tixeo v7 comes with a whole new audio and video “stack” with many innovations, including the “SVC on Demand” technology pushing the limits of video conferencing.

“The Holy Grail of video conferencing” smaller video streams for higher quality

To clearly understand the technological step ahead of Tixeo, it is important to have a quick look at the two existing architectures for adaptive multipoint video conferencing:


MCU (Multipoint Control Unit): This technology consists in mixing all the video streams received from the participants and send the mixed video stream back to each. It has been used for ages by legacy video conferencing players (Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize…). The H.264 AVC video codec is the most commonly used in these systems.

  • Pros:
    • Each participant only receives one video stream adapted to the network
  • Cons:
    • A high CPU usage (decoding, mixing and re-encoding), often requiring hardware acceleration
    • Low scalability
    • Introduces a delay in communication due to high processing load
    • Quality loss result of the decoding and re-encoding of the video streams

Media relay server: Unlike the MCU, this technology (eg Vidyo) performs no mixing, decoding and re-encoding server side. It is thanks to the properties of the H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding) codec that the video streams can be adapted to the receiver’s capacity. Indeed, an SVC video stream contains multiple stacked layers, each representing a different level of quality. Each participant receives as many streams as participants in the meeting and not just one mixed stream with all videos like with an “MCU”.

  • Pros:
    • Low server-side CPU usage (simple video stream filtering)
    • No delay added to communication
    • A good adaptation of video streams to the network capacity
    • Good scalability
    • No loss of quality due to a re-encoding of the video stream
  • Cons:
    • For the same video resolution, an H.264 SVC stream can use up to 20% more bandwidth than an H.264 AVC stream
    • The complexity of H.264 SVC codec induces a higher CPU usage client-side


“SVC on Demand”: 10-30% bandwidth saved

Tixeo’s “SVC on Demand” (SVCoD) is a strange creature. It keeps all the advantages of the media relay server architecture, but without the drawbacks. The innovation consists in taking into account the context of the meeting in the encoding strategy. Each client will encode its video stream according to each of the other participants, their network capacity, their equipments and their display resolution.

Indeed, each participant simply sends the video layers needed in a meeting. Tixeo therefore removes any bandwidth overconsumption added by a classic SVC codec.

Consider the case of a call between an HD room, a desktop and a smartphone. With SVCoD, only two video “layers” are used, corresponding to resolutions of the desktop and the smartphone.

The result is simply a higher image quality for a lower bandwidth usage.


Max motion

Completely related to its new SVCoD technology, Tixeo introduced “Max motion”, a technology using at all times the maximum frame rate provided by the camera.

Tixeo favors a maximum smoothness, your camera supporting 30 or even 60 frames per second, even in case of network slowdown.


New audio stack: Crystal-clear voice in all circumstances

All the studies converge, a good video quality is perceived only if the sound quality is perfect. This is why Tixeo has completely rewritten its audio stack. It now integrates the best audio codec know at this day for communication over the Internet: OPUS. It allows having a lower network usage while significantly increasing the quality, which will remain optimal whatever the type of sound (voice or music) sent.

This new “stack” also contains a more powerful echo canceller, ensuring meetings without any echo whatever the conditions of use.


Always highly secured

It is important to remind that the confidentiality of shared information is secured by streams encryption. Tixeo’s solution neither requires opening network ports (HTTPS Tunneling), nor changing the security policy of the company, unlike all known SIP or h.323 solutions.