Tixeo innovation: Pushing the limits of multipoint video conferencing

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

The release of Tixeo v7 comes with a whole new audio and video “stack” with many innovations, including the “SVC on Demand” technology pushing the limits of video conferencing.

“The Holy Grail of video conferencing” smaller video streams for higher quality

To clearly understand the technological step ahead of Tixeo, it is important to have a quick look at the two existing architectures for adaptive multipoint video conferencing:


MCU (Multipoint Control Unit): This technology consists in mixing all the video streams received from the participants and send the mixed video stream back to each. It has been used for ages by legacy video conferencing players (Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize…). The H.264 AVC video codec is the most commonly used in these systems.

  • Pros:
    • Each participant only receives one video stream adapted to the network
  • Cons:
    • A high CPU usage (decoding, mixing and re-encoding), often requiring hardware acceleration
    • Low scalability
    • Introduces a delay in communication due to high processing load
    • Quality loss result of the decoding and re-encoding of the video streams

Media relay server: Unlike the MCU, this technology (eg Vidyo) performs no mixing, decoding and re-encoding server side. It is thanks to the properties of the H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding) codec that the video streams can be adapted to the receiver’s capacity. Indeed, an SVC video stream contains multiple stacked layers, each representing a different level of quality. Each participant receives as many streams as participants in the meeting and not just one mixed stream with all videos like with an “MCU”.

  • Pros:
    • Low server-side CPU usage (simple video stream filtering)
    • No delay added to communication
    • A good adaptation of video streams to the network capacity
    • Good scalability
    • No loss of quality due to a re-encoding of the video stream
  • Cons:
    • For the same video resolution, an H.264 SVC stream can use up to 20% more bandwidth than an H.264 AVC stream
    • The complexity of H.264 SVC codec induces a higher CPU usage client-side


“SVC on Demand”: 10-30% bandwidth saved

Tixeo’s “SVC on Demand” (SVCoD) is a strange creature. It keeps all the advantages of the media relay server architecture, but without the drawbacks. The innovation consists in taking into account the context of the meeting in the encoding strategy. Each client will encode its video stream according to each of the other participants, their network capacity, their equipments and their display resolution.

Indeed, each participant simply sends the video layers needed in a meeting. Tixeo therefore removes any bandwidth overconsumption added by a classic SVC codec.

Consider the case of a call between an HD room, a desktop and a smartphone. With SVCoD, only two video “layers” are used, corresponding to resolutions of the desktop and the smartphone.

The result is simply a higher image quality for a lower bandwidth usage.


Max motion

Completely related to its new SVCoD technology, Tixeo introduced “Max motion”, a technology using at all times the maximum frame rate provided by the camera.

Tixeo favors a maximum smoothness, your camera supporting 30 or even 60 frames per second, even in case of network slowdown.


New audio stack: Crystal-clear voice in all circumstances

All the studies converge, a good video quality is perceived only if the sound quality is perfect. This is why Tixeo has completely rewritten its audio stack. It now integrates the best audio codec know at this day for communication over the Internet: OPUS. It allows having a lower network usage while significantly increasing the quality, which will remain optimal whatever the type of sound (voice or music) sent.

This new “stack” also contains a more powerful echo canceller, ensuring meetings without any echo whatever the conditions of use.


Always highly secured

It is important to remind that the confidentiality of shared information is secured by streams encryption. Tixeo’s solution neither requires opening network ports (HTTPS Tunneling), nor changing the security policy of the company, unlike all known SIP or h.323 solutions.

Afraid of the “Heartbleed” threat? Your information is safe

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

In the past few days, a security vulnerability has made the major headlines around the world: your passwords and personal data may be at risk, on numerous web sites.

Regarding Tixeo, your data has been safe all the time: our products are simply immunized against this vulnerability.

All our products use the SSL/TLS protocol to ensure secure and confidential communications during your video conferences. Unlike many others sites, the technologies we use are protected against Heartbleed.

Moreover, with Tixeo, your data is physically stored in the European Union, protected from eavesdroppers.

You can continue to use our services to communicate with confidence.

Should you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Tixeo partners with B. Braun to develop teledialysis

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

B. Braun, an expert in products and services for hospitals and medical practices, has chosen Tixeo’s solution for communication between the patient and the doctor. Indeed, an offer is jointly developed with its subsidiary B. Braun Avitum, one of the largest systems providers in the field of extracorporeal blood treatment worldwide, to improve the quality of care for patients with renal failure. Teledialisys was implemented past summer at Manosque in the south of France, at “Centre d’Hémodialyse des Alpes” a reference in the field of telemedicine for haemodialysis.

Happy birthday Tixeo!

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

Tixeo just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Thank you for your interest in our video conferencing solutions

The entire Tixeo team wishes you all the best for 2014.

Tixeo innovation: A dazzling desktop sharing!

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

Tixeo introduces a new desktop sharing technology in the latest version of its video conferencing and collaboration tool WorkSpace3D, result of several months of internal R&D. The editor says: “The speed and visual quality of sharing have no equivalence among the many tools available today.”

Smooth and responsive in any situation

Anyone with online collaboration needs has already used a desktop sharing tool (VNC, Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, etc.). The main problem encountered when using these tools is often a lack of responsiveness when documents are rich, include animations or videos. This problem is magnified when the Internet connection is a bit too slow.

Tixeo greatly improves the user experience by providing a smooth and high-quality picture never seen before even on mobile 3G connections.

But Tixeo’s solution is a lot more than just a simple desktop sharing tool.

Smart integration with video conferencing

Sharing an application or a desktop is directly done during HD multipoint video conferencing. While communicating in audio and video, participants can share or take control of multiple documents (Excel, Chrome, AutoCAD…). This is made possible by an intelligent network management (proactive QoS) that improves the reliability of communications during a videoconference.

The shared information is also visible from your mobile or tablet, a simple web page or H.323 / SIP video conferencing equipment (Polycom, LifeSize…).

Always highly secured

Tixeo’s solution neither requires opening network ports (HTTPS Tunneling), nor changing the security policy of the company. Confidentiality of shared information is secured by encryption.

The user can choose to share its entire screen or a single window, making all other information confidential (messaging…).

When sharing its desktop, the owner keeps control of his computer, even when allowing another participant to take control remotely.

This sharing technology integrated Tixeo’s video conferencing is one of the most complete, secure and efficient existing today.

Tixeo introduces Helleo, A revolutionnary new video communication tool!

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

Tixeo reveals a new video communication tool totally different than what’s been seen before. Helleo promises to be the world’s fastest communication tool as well as the easiest to use. Icing on the cake, Helleo runs in an HTML5 web browser without any plugin!

A brand new concept

Each team member is seen in a blurred video bubble. You just have to click on a bubble to talk to someone. In Helleo there are no phone calls, no ringtones, no waiting… Tixeo certifies Helleo is “20 times faster than email, 10 times faster than instant messaging, 3 times faster than phone or any video conferencing solution and, of course, a lot faster than going to your coworker’s office.” It has never been so easy to invite and talk with your team.

Improves team efficiency

Helleo is intended for teams needing to frequently work and talk together. You can easily communicate with one or more coworkers with multi-point video. “The time has come for ringtones and small presence icons to make way for natural simplicity, knowing at a glance who is available,” says Renaud GHIA, CEO of Tixeo. “The great paradox of Helleo is to believe that it is an intrusive tool, but once you use it, it’s just the opposite… Social courtesy rules apply as when you meet physically.”

Helleo runs in a Web browser taking advantage of the WebRTC technology

Tixeo bets on HTML5. Indeed, Helleo requires no plugin and not even Flash. It is based on the WebRTC technology launched by Google, already available in Chrome browser, and very soon in Firefox and Opera. Helleo is free for personal use, costs $9 / month for business use, and is available at www.helleo.com.

Organize your online meetings from Microsoft Outlook

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

The main new features in WorkSpace3D 5.8 are:

  • New Microsoft Outlook add-in to organize online meetings
  • Improved customization and configuration options for WorkSpace3D EE

Organize online meetings from Microsoft Outlook

With this new release, you can now organize online meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook.
The Outlook add-in is automatically installed with the Tixeo client software, without you having to do anything!

Tixeo Outlook add-in

Customize your WorkSpace3D EE server

You can now:

  • Customize design and content of all sent emails
  • Change default meeting duration (1h30)
  • Redirect your users to custom “Help” and “Support” Web pages

WorkSpace 3D 5.7: full support of LDAP & Active Directory

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

This brand new version improves the support of both LDAP & Active Directory for users management and authentication (available only for Enterprise server). Your directory is accessed securely in a “read-only” mode and stored data is never modified. Supported protocols and directories are now respectively LDAP and LDAPS (LDAP over SSL), and Active Directory 2000 and up to 2008.

As a reminder, this integration allows to:

  • Automatically create all user accounts at first authentication.
  • Authenticate all users stored into the directory with their usual login and password.
  • Manage the “host” status for all users with a single click.

Other improvements have also been done to enhance user experience for both WorkSpace3D versions (Professional and Enterprise):

  • Adding an “Invite” button in the in-meeting interface to quickly access the meeting participants selection form, making it easier to invite additional attendees to the current videoconference.
  • Adding an “Instant meeting” button to the meeting management web interface to set up instant meetings with multiple attendees.

Universal video conferencing with WorkSpace3D 5.5

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

After starting the fifth generation of WorkSpace3D by adding the SIP & H.323 Gateway, WorkSPace3D 5.5 brings a 100% web-based access allowing you to attend video conferences from a web browser, without requiring any plugin. This feature mostly targets Mac & Linux users who were unable to join WorkSpace3D video conferences until now. From now on, they will be able to:

  • Join a WorkSpace3D meeting in one click right form their favorite web browser
  • Share their microphone & webcam
  • See and hear everyone
  • See shared documents

    • At the same time, the R&D team is about to complete both iOS & Android mobile apps, which will be officially released over the next weeks. Thanks to the support of SIP & H.323 room-based solutions, the web-based access and the upcoming mobile apps, WorkSpace3D becomes a Universal HD video conferencing solution allowing meeting easily from any device, anywhere.