Everybody can WorkSpace3D!

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

WorkSpace3D includes a new feature allowing to use it entirely in two dimensions.
The third dimension being disabled, user can then join a virtual meeting even if he does not have the minimum requirements.

Happy New Year!

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

Tixeo team wish you happiness and great success in the new year of 2005.

Groupe Architecteurs chooses WorkSpace3D

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

Groupe Architecteurs
has chosen WorkSpace3D for its meetings. A grouping of more than 100 companies managed by architects contractually committed to standards of quality, price and deadlines. Architecteurs is the top French group of architects and builders, and has a presence in all areas.
They will thus make important saves on their communication and travel expenses, and increase the frequency and the quality of their exchanges.

Interview of Renaud GHIA from 3d-test.com

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

3d-test is a web site specialized on 3D technologies for the Web. Viewed by a lot of professionals and decision makers, 3d-test has become a reference in the domain of 3D interactive. It publishes today an interview of Renaud GHIA, Tixeo’s CEO.

WorkSpace3D 1.0 available

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

After several years of research and development WorkSpace3D’s first version is available. Discover it by making an appointment for an online demo.

WorkSpace3D brings new ways to communicate and collaborate over the Internet. It’s an original and efficient solution for work meetings, conferencing, E-learning and collaborative work. Third dimension allows to perform virtual meetings with a never reached intuitiveness and conviviality.

With WorkSpace3D you can now invite your customers, providers or partners in a virtual meeting room without having to move from your office.

WorkSpace3D available soon!

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

In a few weeks, you will be able to discover WorkSpace3D by taking an appointment with one of our adviser for an online demo.

Here are some of the improvements brought during the beta test :

– High quality video and audio conferencing that is bandwidth friendly, using our technology based on best existing codecs.

– 3D applications handling and interaction has been improved to be as ergonomic as possible.

– Firewall and proxy friendly.

– Your data safety has been strengthened by using AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard used by US government).

So if you want the best web conferencing and cooperative work tool, contact
us quickly to benefit from our launch offer !