Tixeo launches the new release of its secure videoconferencing software and improves the user experience and interoperability of its solution

Olivier AZAN NewsEN

The new release of Tixeo’s secure video conferencing software client (V.15) is now available for all users: it includes the call mode and improves its interoperability through an upgrade of its TixeoGateway.

Tixeo visioconferencing

The new Tixeo client offers a smoother design thanks to its rounded corners

With this new version, users first note a few changes in the interface, which displays smoother, rounder contours.

Tixeo videoconferencing - Call mode

But the user experience is especially enhanced by the implementation of the call mode which replaces the organization of instant meetings. With this feature, using Tixeo videoconferencing becomes more spontaneous and is organized in the same way as a phone call. Therefore, a meeting activated in call mode no more needs to include the concepts of planning and duration of videoconferences.


Of course, there is always the possibility of scheduling a meeting in advance, determining its subject, date, time and duration.

In any case, communications (audio, video and data) always benefit from Tixeo’s security mechanisms, including end-to-end encryption, even in multipoint communication.

Finally, this release integrates significant improvements in the TixeoGateway gateway, allowing a better compatibility with legacy H.323/SIP videoconferencing systems.