WorkSpace 3D 5.7: full support of LDAP & Active Directory

Sébastien JEANJEAN NewsEN

This brand new version improves the support of both LDAP & Active Directory for users management and authentication (available only for Enterprise server). Your directory is accessed securely in a “read-only” mode and stored data is never modified. Supported protocols and directories are now respectively LDAP and LDAPS (LDAP over SSL), and Active Directory 2000 and up to 2008.

As a reminder, this integration allows to:

  • Automatically create all user accounts at first authentication.
  • Authenticate all users stored into the directory with their usual login and password.
  • Manage the “host” status for all users with a single click.

Other improvements have also been done to enhance user experience for both WorkSpace3D versions (Professional and Enterprise):

  • Adding an “Invite” button in the in-meeting interface to quickly access the meeting participants selection form, making it easier to invite additional attendees to the current videoconference.
  • Adding an “Instant meeting” button to the meeting management web interface to set up instant meetings with multiple attendees.