Secure video conferencing solutions of Tixeo that fit your requirements and infrastructure

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Your affordable video conferencing service in the cloud

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Your video conferencing server in a SecNumCloud-qualified private cloud

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Your internal video conferencing infrastructure for optimal performance & security

Tixeo videoconferencing is available in the public and private cloud as well as in an on-premise version.

Tixeo video conferencing is available in public and private cloud as well as in On-Premise version.

Our range of offers and options can be adapted to the needs of any type of organisation, enabling us to offer you a tailor-made service.

All Tixeo secure video conferencing solutions include:

Offres de Tixeo

A video conferencing technology CSPN certified and qualified by the ANSSI to guarantee the privacy of your communications

Offres de Tixeo

Three collaboration modes (Meeting, TixeoFusion, Conference) and a wide range of features to increase flexibility and optimize your teamwork

Performances & Qualité
High quality and comfort of use offering a unique user experience

For your meeting equipment and materials


Equip your meeting rooms according to the user with our different kits that are adapted to Tixeo’s video conferencing solutions.

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White paper on video conferencing cybersecurity

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Security of videoconferencing

Tixeo provides a secure video conferencing technology that is used by many organisations.

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