Business continuity

Continue your exchanges in all circumstances.

An IT breakdown or attack renders your global collaboration solution inoperative.

How can you avoid interrupting your employees’ activities?

Tixeo, your crisis management ally

Tixeo secure video conferencing allows your teams to continue collaborating in a highly secure way.

Your emergency, our solution 


Your bank has suffered a denial of service (DoS) attack

Your customers can no longer access their accounts online and are starting to express their dissatisfaction en masse. Your employees are unable to communicate with each other because the video collaboration tool deployed is inoperative.


Your local authority is the victim of a ransomware attack 

Internal email and software are inaccessible. Your local staff have to get organised and find an off-line communication solution, while constituents, who can no longer get an answer by e-mail, keep calling the switchboard.

Benefits of Tixeo secure videoconferencing 

Chiffrement de bout en bout

Communications off-line

Communicate within a closed internal network: thanks to Tixeo’s on-premise deployment, your collaborators can communicate without

Internet connection and with the protection of multi-point end-to-end encryption.

Continuité d’activité

Back-up solution

If your main videoconferencing tool fails, you can take advantage of a back-up communications solution to continue your exchanges and ensure the continuity of your business or public service.


Crisis management

To manage a crisis in the best possible way, organise the distribution of tasks easily using Tixeo’s secure virtual open-space. You’ll encourage cross-functional communication and a rapid return to work.

Secure videoconferencing for cyber-resilience 

A must for your regulatory compliance
Europe is stepping up its efforts to strengthen the cyber-resilience of organisations, and not just the most critical ones.

Directive NIS 2 et Critical Entities Resilience (CER) Directive

The NIS 2 directive requires thousands of essential organisations (finance, energy, industry, health, etc.) and digital service providers to increase their level of cyber security.

In addition, the Critical Entities Resilience (CER) Directive aims to improve the physical and digital resilience of businesses in critical sectors.

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

With the DORA regulation, finance companies must better identify their cyber risks and prevent incidents, while ensuring their digital operational resilience. Especially in the event of disruptions to their information systems.

Why choose Tixeo’s secure videoconferencing for the Finance sector?

RGPD compliance

A breach of an organisation’s personal data can have serious consequences for its business, as well as damaging its reputation. That’s why choosing a secure, RGPD-compliant videoconferencing tool is also recommended to guarantee business continuity for European companies.

Critical communications: secure on-premise videoconferencing


In the midst of a crisis following a cyber attack or IT outage, your teams need an emergency communications solution.

Accessible over isolated and off-line networks, TixeoServer, the secure videoconferencing on-premise version, meets this need.



Keep control of the situation 

When the main collaboration tools are corrupted, crisis management teams still need to stay in touch to plan business resumption, form crisis units and communicate effectively.

In a company, as in a public administration, it is also essential to maintain a link with customers or constituents.

TixeoServer, deployed on a dedicated network infrastructure, can be used for out-of-band communications.

Secure on-premise videoconferencing can also be used to organise cyber crisis simulation exercises to build the agility and cyber-resilience of your teams.

Availability: secure videoconferencing in a trusted cloud 


To ensure business continuity, your videoconferencing solution must guarantee high availability.

To ensure business continuity, your videoconferencing solution must guarantee high availability.


and multi-site hosting

Tixeo hosts its services in a trusted cloud,
on servers located in France, using a multi-site strategy.

The key is security, agility and sovereignty.

SecNumCloud qualified 

TixeoPrivateCloud, SecNumCloud qualified 

Tixeo hosts its offer in the private cloud with an operator qualified SecNumCloud by the ANSSI. This qualification guarantees a high level of security for customer and user data and preserves their sovereignty in the most critical sectors.

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On-Premise or in the Cloud, all Tixeo offers integrate the only technology certified and qualified by the ANSSI.

Since 2017, the French government, via the Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’informations (ANSSI), has been recommending the use of Tixeo for organisations in critical sectors.

Discover how Tixeo meets the specificities needs of your industry sector.

Defense and Aerospace

Industry and energy


Banking, Finance, Insurance

Public administrations

Tixeo provides a secure video conferencing technology that is used by many organisations.

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