Privacy policy of Tixeo

The purpose of this privacy policy is to make it clear to you how Tixeo collects and uses your personal information when you interact with us in connection with the use of our services (TixeoCloud and TixeoPrivateCloud) and our website. It is also responsible for informing you about your rights and about the choices available to you regarding access and control of your personal data.

At any time, our activities, services and features may change. Thus, it may sometimes be necessary for Tixeo to make changes to this policy. Tixeo reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time. We invite you to regularly consult this policy in order to know the possible modifications which could be made to it.

1. Definitions of Tixeo’s privacy policy

  • Policy“: refers to this privacy policy
  • “Tixeo”, “We”, “Our”: refers to Tixeo SARL
  • “You” “Your” the “user” the “participant”: refers to any person using our services or interacting with them in any other way
  • “Service”, “Services”: refers to the “TixeoCloud” and “TixeoPrivateCloud” videoconferencing services
  • “Client”, “Client company”: refers to an organization contractually bound to Tixeo as part of the use of the service
  • Prospect“: refers to an organization not contractually linked to Tixeo but maintaining an interaction (use of the service, correspondence, communication)
  • Administrator“: Person or entity in charge of deploying the service for the client or within the client company. The administrator is in particular authorized to deploy and make available the organizer accounts to designated employees within the client company
  • “Organizer account”, “organizer”: person with a license allowing the organization and planning of Tixeo videoconferencing meetings
  • RGPD“: General Data Protection Regulation

2. How do we collect personal data ?


We collect your information and personal data when you voluntarily provide it to us in connection with the use of the service.

It can happen:

  • When you create your account after being invited to a Tixeo videoconference by a meeting organizer
  • When you organize a video conference
  • When you register on our website to benefit from a free trial period of the solution
  • When you complete one of the various forms on our website (contact request, demonstration request and white paper request)
  • When you submit a technical support request

Nous recueillons également les informations générées par l’organisation des réunions auxquelles vous participez (métadonnées) et/ou que vous avez vous-même organisé.

Contractual relationship

We may also collect your information and personal data if you are required to represent a client company or a prospect of Tixeo.


We collect information when you visit our website and use our services and applications; We use a third-party analytics service called Google Analytics to collect, analyze and account for metrics about website visits.

The analyzes collected help us determine many things, including the number of visitors over time, geographic location (municipality), periods of high and low traffic, the most visited pages and other useful data. The company processes the data in such a way as to ensure that the individual identity is not stored, and only carries out anonymous measurements. In addition, Google is prohibited from determining or attempting to determine the identity of the persons who visit our websites.

3. What data do we collect ?

The collection of certain particularly sensitive data is strictly regulated by the GDPR and requires special vigilance. Tixeo thus does not collect any of this data revealing the allegedly racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions or trade union membership of persons, genetic and biometric data, data concerning health, sex life or sexual orientation of individuals, data relating to criminal convictions or offenses, as well as the unique national identification number (NIR or social security number).

Personal data

We collect the data you provide to us during our interactions with you as part of our service. These data are as follows :

For all users:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address

For users requesting contact, demonstration or representing a prospect as part of a free evaluation request:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address
  • Professional phone number
  • Name of the company represented

For persons designated as interlocutor authorized to represent a client company (within the framework of a contractual relationship) or a prospect (within the framework of the establishment of a possible contractual relationship):

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address
  • Professional mobile phone number
  • Professional phone number
  • Name of the company represented
  • Function within the company


Hosting a meeting that you are or have been invited to (or have hosted) generates the following information:

  • Meeting date
  • Meeting time (start)
  • Duration of the meeting
  • Title of the meeting
  • List of participants
  • Meeting server address
  • Log listing your connections and disconnections (including IP addresses)

4. Why and how do we use personal data?

Tixeo aims to provide you with the best secure videoconferencing and video-collaboration experience. The personal data we collect is necessary for the provision, organization and optimization of the service we offer.

We therefore use your personal data for the following reasons:

  • Create your Tixeo account
  • Log in to your Tixeo account to give you access to the service
  • Communicate with you (by email, phone or Tixeo videoconference)
  • Respond to your requests for assistance
  • Generate statistics then made available to the customer via their administrator account
  • Provide us with the information necessary for maintenance operations, in particular by monitoring our data centers and our networks
  • Generate a history of meetings needed by clients (administrator)
  • Allow the customer to find the people who attended a meeting
  • Respond to anyone wishing to join Tixeo

During the use of the service, certain information such as your first name, your last name, your image and your voice may be disclosed to other participants via the various functionalities made available by the service. Likewise, if you send a message, upload a file, or share content, it can be viewed by others in the meeting or conversation.

Tixeo is not responsible for the images, sounds, documents, texts shared by participants during a meeting. The participants can thus access information likely to contain the personal information of other participants or even of people outside the meeting.

Your administrator or data controller may access, for their own use and that of their organization, the personal data of participants linked to their organization. In this situation, Tixeo is not able to control your information: we do not control why or how your information is used, and you will need to contact your administrator or your controller (for example, your employer and / or the company which gives you access to the Services) to know your rights and responsibilities in terms of data protection. All questions regarding your organization’s policies and administrative user access rights should be directed to your organization.

5. How long are your personal data kept?

Your personal data is kept by Tixeo throughout the use of the service in order to ensure its proper functioning or for the fulfillment of necessary legal obligations. Your information will generally be deleted within three years of the end of using the service. The purpose of storing this personal data is to allow a rapid and optimal resumption of the service in the event of new use.

At any time, you can request the deletion of your personal information by sending a simple email to By requesting this deletion you are also giving up your use of the service. If the services are made available to you by an organization (for example, your employer), we delete your information as instructed by your organization.

6. Where are your personal data hosted?

The personal data that we collect and that we process as part of the provision of our services to our users are hosted by the company OVH whose servers (datacenters) are located in mainland France. As part of the use of the service, users’ personal data is never transferred to a third country.

OVH undertakes to comply with its obligations under the aforementioned regulations and, in particular, the GDPR. It is notably thanks to this commitment to compliance that OVH customers, of which Tixeo is a part, are also able to meet some of their regulatory obligations.

7. Do we share the personal data we collect ?

In principle, we do not sell your personal data and we never share it with third parties, except as mentioned in this policy. No data or information is thus transmitted to a third party in any way.

However, in some cases we may pass your personal data on to third parties. These cases can be: a requisition provided for by law, a court order or a decision issued by a competent public authority and for law enforcement purposes. In addition, we may share your personal data with the following third parties:

Third parties to establish, assert or defend the rights of Tixeo SARL:

  • Third parties in the event of a merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other assignment of all or part of the assets of Tixeo SARL (including and without restriction in the context of bankruptcy or similar proceedings)
  • Other third parties subject to your consent

When we transmit your personal data to a third party, we take all reasonable measures to ensure that these third parties are bound by confidentiality obligations with regard to the protection of your personal data. The transmission is carried out in accordance with legal requirements, including by entering into data processing agreements with the relevant third parties, in order to ensure that personal data is only processed in accordance with our instructions, the law and the regulations in force. force and for the use specified by us, and to apply the appropriate safety measures.

8. How do we ensure the protection of your personal data?

We are committed to ensuring the security of your personal data by taking all technical and organizational measures to protect them against any unauthorized access, use or disclosure and against any risk of loss, destruction or alteration.

We recommend that you take all necessary measures to protect your personal data on the internet. We recommend that you change your password regularly and use combinations of numbers and letters that are sufficiently complex to avoid any fraudulent connection attempt.

9. Access and control of your personal data: what are your rights ?

The GDPR guarantees specific rights with regard to information and its use. We have appointed a Data Protection Officer to handle all inquiries regarding your rights. We declare that we collect information in the regular course of our business activities to enable the processing and execution of your order or contract, in order to deliver our products and services.

Depending on your rights defined by the GDPR, you can:

  • Request access to your information and personal data. You can also request a copy of this personal data
  • Request to update and modify your personal data to ensure accuracy
  • Request the deletion or erasure of your information and personal data
  • Oppose the processing of your information and personal data
  • Request to stop processing your information and personal data
  • Request the transfer of your information and personal data to you or to a third party
  • Oppose profiling or automated decisions that could impact you.


  • You have the right to lodge a complaint about Tixeo’s practices with regard to your personal data with the supervisory authority in your country or in an EU member state.

We may not be able to respond favorably to any of its requests in the following cases:

  • Inability to prove your identity
  • If this prevents us from meeting our regulatory obligations
  • In the event of an impact on other legal issues
  • If it involves disproportionate costs or too much effort.

10. Privacy policy of Tixeo : Cookies

No cookie considered to entail risks for the privacy of Internet users and requiring prior information and consent from the latter has been installed on the websites operated as part of the use of the TixeoCloud and TixeoPrivateCloud services.

11. How to contact us ?

If you wish to obtain more information on protecting your personal information or send us your comments on this, you can send us a message:

You also have the option of sending us a letter to:

Privacy policy of Tixeo

Parc 2000 – 244 rue Claude François
34080 Montpellier, FRANCE