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Kévin Dionisio

Tel. 06 67 44 52 72

eMail. kevin@elektron-presse.com

Claire Regnaut

Mail. claire@elektron-presse.com

Tixeo’s press releases

TIXEO strengthens the security of its PrivateCloud offering with SecNumCloud hosting

19 september 2023

Tixeo evolves its videoconferencing solution and adapts to the most extreme network conditions

05 April 2023

Tixeo confirms its position as the European leader in secure video collaboration

31 January 2023

Oodrive, Olvid and Tixeo join forces to create a secure and sovereign collaborative suite

29 September 2022

Tixeo presents its advanced video-collaboration solution at the Digital Workplace show in Paris

2 September 2020

Tixeo provides easier access to its secured video conferences

27 April 2021

Tixeo, the only encrypted end-to-end video-collaboration solution by default and qualified by the ANSSI

22 June 2020

Tixeo integrates SFR Business videoconferencing offer selected by the UGAP

10 December 2019

Tixeo launches TixeoFusion and revolutionizes remote collaboration

12 November 2019

Tixeo joins Clusif

22 October 2019

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