The question of video-collaboration safety

Paris, June 22nd, 2020 – With a 3000% growth in the number of its users between March 17th and May 31st, Tixeo – European leader in secure video collaboration – is the only player whose technology is labeled by ANSSI to offer for more than 5 years a collaboration tool for which end-to-end encryption is not an additional option.

The health crisis in Europe in recent months has made it possible to democratise the practice of telework and remote collaboration and to promote new uses. Webinars, conferences and even city councils have taken place remotely thanks to videoconferencing solutions. Also very useful in the medical field, this technology has made it possible to carry out teleconsultations and thus limit the spread of Covid-19. This practice will continue to be widely used after the crisis, and has raised the awareness of organizations and the general public regarding security and privacy in online meetings. The massive use of these tools and the new issues arising from them are redefining the context of the videoconferencing market.

Tixeo adapts to new user’s needs

To meet the new needs expressed during containment, Tixeo offers its users a new “Conference” mode, allowing a speaker to lead a speech, a round table or to organize a debate in front of an assembly of spectators connected to the system.

This feature was requested by many customers and complements the other two existing collaboration modes:

  • « Meeting » mode : standard videoconferencing mode
  • « Fusion » mode : advanced video collaboration mode in which participants appear as video bubbles and can create or join a group by selecting the attendees they wish to discuss with. This mode of collaboration is perfectly adapted to teleworking, war rooms or remote training.

Video-collaboration safety: highly secure solutions…

Where old and new market players are just starting to think about security and privacy issues, Tixeo has more than 5 years of expertise in designing innovative and highly secure video collaboration solutions that take into account security at all stages of the conception (Secure by design).

Our video-collaboration safety is real: Tixeo’s 100% French technology is CSPN certified and qualified since 2017 by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI). In any situation and regardless of the number of participants, the privacy of the communications is guaranteed. Indeed, Tixeo’s unique architecture allows, even in multipoint meetings, a real end-to-end encryption (from client to client) of audio, video & data streams through a server (End-to-End encryption AES 256), while keeping a great adaptability to network variations.

«Our competitors are timidly starting to think about end-to-end encryption as an option for their users, while Tixeo manages to stay one step ahead in the secure video collaboration market. You can’t develop in a few weeks a really secure solution, such an important subject cannot be improvised and requires real expertise, experience and certifications proving the reliability of the solutions.», eexplains Renaud Ghia, CEO of Tixeo.

As a French and independent company that designs and develops its technology in France and whose servers are also hosted in France, Tixeo is committed to defending digital independence and sovereignty, and offers a technology that is not subject to foreign regulations.

… that respond to privacy issues in a wide range of sectors

For clear safety issues, defense, armament, or industry actors use Tixeo to collaborate efficiently from a distance, while keeping their exchanges confidential. Companies face the same issues during their board meetings, technical, R&D or commercial meetings, and industrial espionage is one of the main threats for them. The same is true in telemedicine, where the confidentiality of information is essential. Tixeo is the perfect answer to the mobility, safety and privacy needs expressed by users, whatever the domain.

Encryption in Tixeo video conferencing - Video-collaboration safety


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