Remote video-collaboration: Tixeo launches TixeoFusion

Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, launches TixeoFusion, its new advanced collaboration feature. By offering this innovation to all its users, Tixeo offers a revolutionary approach to videoconferencing and concretely optimizes the interactions between team members within in the same collaboration space.

Remote video-collaboration: Tixeo launches TixeoFusion

The use of videoconferencing is not always easy for large teams managing complex projects. Some situations require perfect synchronization and clear and structured communication between participants.

TixeoFusion addresses these issues and offers a unique and secure video collaboration space in which participants appear as video bubbles. These bubbles can merge, generating independent discussion groups within the same meeting. Each collaborator can therefore create or join a group by selecting the attendees he wishes to discuss with. A simple click is all it takes to leave or get a participant out of a group. Each group is assigned a different colour, making it easier to identify them. It is of course possible not to join any group: this allows you to have an overview of the videos of the other collaborators without being disturbed by their conversation.

This organization provides a realistic feeling close to a face-to-face meeting and thus encourages employee engagement. The feature also removes some drawbacks such as mixing subjects when everyone talks at the same time.

Remote video-collaboration: a new way of collaboration for new use-cases

For a project group or to manage a team of teleworkers, TixeoFusion replaces the classic open-space on a daily basis. This mode of collaboration is also perfectly adapted to crisis rooms and allows to globally dirve operations while offering targeted management in several distinct action groups. Finally, for workshops or distance learning, this feature allows the creating smaller work groups and gives trainers the ability to easily answer individual requests.

TixeoFusion mode complements the many collaboration features offered by Tixeo and also provides a high level of security. Tixeo is currently the only videoconferencing technology certified and qualified by ANSSI[1], it integrates end-to-end encryption of communications (audio, video, and data) in multipoint videoconferencing as well as link encryption between client and server. The solution can be tested free of charge for 30 days on

[1] French National Cybersecurity Agency

Remote video-collaboration: Tixeo launches TixeoFusion
Remote video-collaboration: Tixeo launches TixeoFusion

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