Enchancement of your meeting management system

22 Sep 2010

Tixeo update: better meeting management system

This Tixeo update mainly includes a full refactoring of the user management, which is no longer a list shared with all organizers of the same company, but becomes a personal contact list.

It also concerns the design of the meeting management system which has completely been revisited to be more user-friendly, and is inspired from the Tixeo’s web site design.

Tixeo update: Enchancement of your meeting management system

Here are some Q&A to give an answer to your first questions:

Why changing this system?

Our user list, with all the people you could invite, used to be shared with all other meeting hosts of your company. It is now becoming a personal contact list, which makes it more relevant (as it only shows your own personal contacts), and thus smarter. Tixeo also plans to add in a close future some features to facilitate instant meetings (ad’hoc meetings) requiring these enhancements.

What does in contact really mean?

Being in contact with another user means that it appears in your list, but also that you appear in this user’s contact list. During the meeting organization you will be able to invite people from this list. In an upcoming update, some availability information (configurable for each user and at each connection) will be added to your contacts make instant meetings even easier.

How to invite someone which is not in my contact list?

During the meeting invitation step, you can directly invite some people from their email address.

How to use it?