New VideoTouch Compact: Tixeo further simplifies videoconferencing from meeting rooms

24 Jul 2018

Tixeo launches its new videoconferencing kit, the VideoTouch Compact, to simplify even more the organization of videoconferencing from meeting rooms.

Integrated into the TixeoRoom range, this new device goes even further in the simplification process: it reduces the number of equipment and wiring and facilitates the organization of meetings. The VideoTouch Compact consists of:

  • A high-resolution (360°) rotating touch screen and an all-in-one sound system including a dual speaker (Dolby® Audio Premium Technology) and a double microphone array tuned
  • A high resolution (1080p to 30 frames per second) autofocus motorized panoramic camera (PTZ).
    With the remote control it is possible to zoom or change orientation, it also offers the possibility to memorize up to 5 presets.
New VideoTouch Compact: Tixeo further simplifies videoconferencing from meeting rooms

With this new version screen sharing and document display are also simplified: the VideoTouch Compact integrates directly into its base a capture card allowing to share the screen of a computer connected to the VideoTouch without needing an external box and invasive wiring.

In addition to this hardware simplification, Tixeo videoconferencing offers many benefits: users of the VideoTouch Compact enjoy the intuitive Tixeo client interface and high video and audio quality. With fingertips, they can access numerous collaboration functions such as screen sharing, meeting recording, rights management, secure chat, etc.

Tixeo also provides a high level of security and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption of communications in a multipoint meeting and encrypted communication link between client and server.

Finally, the TixeoGateway option provides to the VideoTouchCompact perfect interoperability to communicate with legacy videoconferencing systems such as SIP or H.323 without any of their inconvenience.


Caution! Tixeo, software publisher, does not manufacture hardware. It supplies equipment under the DELL, ELO, LENOVO and LOGITECH brands !