Tixeo chooses Googles’s VP8 for HD web conferencing

14 Jun 2010

Tixeo chooses Google’s VP8 for HD web conferencing in WorkSpace3D

Past February, Google acquired On2 Technologies and its famous VP8 codec, and released the sources only three weeks ago, providing a true free alternative to H.264. Many industry leaders such as Mozilla, Logitech and Nvidia, have since announced they would soon support this codec, making it the future standard of Internet video.

Tixeo also goes VP8 for it’s solution WorkSpace3D, becoming the first video / web conferencing provider to integrate this codec. This choice leads to higher performances than H.264, in terms of video quality and bandwidth usage for video conferencing purpose.

High-quality video conferencing for all thanks to Tixeo and VP8

Video quality in a multi-party video conference is a key for both efficiency and feeling of physical presence. In most cases, achieving this goal is expansive and not only requires high-performance hardware but also a professional broadband Internet access.

That’s why Tixeo has decided to integrate VP8 within its solutions, a few days after Google’s release through the open source project, WebM. Combining VP8 capabilities to Tixeo’s latest improvements in the use of multi-core processors and QoS, WorkSpace3D brings HD video conferencing to the desktop, using a standard ADSL connection.

Better, smarter and faster

After several years of R&D done by On2 Technologies, VP8 codec is the state of the art in the field of video compression, and has a high compression ratio for a very low CPU usage.

The use of VP8 within Tixeo’s solutions with profiles optimized for real time, clearly shows the superiority of VP8 on H.264. HD video streams in WorkSpace3D require less than 1Mbps and allow multi-point video conferencing using a regular desktop and a 8Mbps ADSL connection.

Tixeo’s users can already enjoy the latest WorkSpace3D v3.3 release integrating VP8. Thanks to a flexible software architecture and agile development, Tixeo has rapidly achieved this integration, giving to its customers a greater communication experience.

Tixeo WorkSpace3D conference: Googles’s VP8 for HD web conferencing