An easier integration with the H.323 / SIP world

Having a powerful and secure videoconferencing service thanks to the Tixeo client software is fine. Granting these services to the H.323 / SIP users is even better.

This is what the TixeoGateway offers in its latest version: it already allowed an H.323 / SIP system to join a Tixeo meeting through an incoming call; Now, a Tixeo user can as well call any legacy videoconferencing system within a single click, making H.323 / SIP outgoing call.

In addition, the H.239 standard is now supported, letting legacy videoconferencing systems to share an application in a Tixeo meeting.

Tixeo enhances secure videoconferencing interoperability

Tixeo video conferencing interoperability: what about security ?

Tixeo provides the only technology certified and qualified by the ANSSI ensuring end-to-end encryption in a multipoint video meeting, which is simply not possible on H.323 / SIP systems.

Thanks to this new TixeoGateway and its unique architecture, any workstation can call H.323 / SIP room systems or phones without modifying the enterprise’s security policy: network administrators who have once struggled to deploy H.323 / SIP solutions know the nightmare it is and the great amount of open ports it requires. With Tixeo, this difficulty simply does not exist anymore.

Tixeo’s technology offers end-to-end encryption up to the TixeoGateway, which is designed to act as a true security portal between the new Tixeo world and the old H.323 / SIP world, protecting against the security flaws of these old protocols.