From 19th to 21st March 2024, Tixeo will showcase its secure video collaboration platform at the Digital Workplace, Intranet, and Collaborative Solutions exhibition in Paris Porte de Versailles.


How to reinvent remote collaboration?

Hybrid work gains ground

The world of work continues to evolve, giving rise to various organizational modes. After a forced shift to teleworking, many companies are now advocating for a return to the office. However, others are defining their own hybrid model, allowing their teams the choice or imposing company attendance days, or even continuing their development in full remote mode.

When tailored to a company’s culture and integrated into management practices, the hybrid mode represents a major asset for employer branding. The deployment of reliable and secure collaborative solutions also ensures its success.


Tixeo offers secure continuity from the office

Maintaining the link between teams, when some employees work remotely for a few days a week, is a real challenge.

As the most secure French videoconferencing solution on the market, Tixeo reinvents remote collaboration by offering a unique collaborative feature: the virtual open-space. Team members from one or more teams connect together in the same space, as if they were in the office. They appear as video bubbles and work without feeling isolated. To interact with one or several colleagues, a simple click on their bubble is enough.

The benefits: agility, time savings in meeting organization, and enhanced security. Indeed, all communication flows (audio, video, and file sharing) are encrypted end-to-end to prevent any intrusion.


Meet Us at Stand B65 to Discover the Tixeo Solution

Many companies in sensitive sectors (energy, finance, defense, etc.) already trust Tixeo to protect their communications and increase efficiency.

Come and discuss your needs for secure remote collaboration with our teams.

Stand B65 – Paris Porte de Versailes

visa de sécurité Tixeo

Tixeo is also the only secure videoconferencing solution to be certified and qualified by the ANSSI.

Attend Tixeo’s Presentations at Digital Workplace 2024

During the Digital Workplace exhibition, parts of the Tixeo team will speak on three occasions:

digital workplace tixeo

On 19/03/2024 from 16:45 to 17:45 – Voltaire Room:

Sébastien JEANJEAN, General Manager of Tixeo, will speak during the ROUND TABLE on the theme: Supporting employees to leverage all the riches of collaborative tools (Visios, ESNs, Intranets, etc.)

Jean-Philippe Commeignes, Directeur Commercial Tixeo
Olivier Azan Tixeo

On 20/03/2024 from 13:00 to 13:45 – Dumas Room:

Olivier Azan, Director of Marketing & Communication at Tixeo, and Jean-Philippe Commeignes, Sales Director at Tixeo, will host the TIXEO WORKSHOP: Telework is dead. Long live enhanced telework!

Renaud GHIA - Tixeo

On 21/03/2024 from 11:00 to 12:00 – Voltaire Room

Renaud GHIA, President of Tixeo, will be present at the ROUND TABLE on the theme: Internal Communication: which digital solutions to connect and inform all employees? ESNs, Intranet, Employee Platform, Mobile Apps, Enhanced Visios