From the 26th to the 28th of March 2024, the European leader in secure video conferencing will be present at the InCyber Forum at Lille Grand Palais (France), alongside Hexatrust, the main partner of the event.

A benchmark event in the field of cybersecurity, this year’s InCyber Forum will focus on the theme of artificial intelligence and its challenges for data security.

InCyber Forum 2024
Booth Tixeo InCyber Forum 2024

Visit us at the Hexatrust Pavilion, Booth A4-30

The Tixeo teams will be present throughout the duration of the exhibition at the Hexatrust Pavilion, stand A4 – 30.

You will discover how secure video conferencing meets your needs for highly confidential communications and ensures your business continuity.

Once registered for the InCyber Forum 2024, you will be able to book appointments with the Tixeo teams directly from your personal space.

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‘Ready for AI?’

In 2024, AI has become an essential topic in businesses. A true revolution in terms of productivity and knowledge, this technological innovation involves data processing, which is not always regulated.


The dangers and opportunities of AI for cybersecurity

Indeed, artificial intelligence is even making its way into videoconference meetings, sometimes very sensitive ones. Thus, to generate a summary or propose automated responses, generative AI tools access communications and exchanged data. Therefore, vigilance is essential regarding the ultra-rapid expansion of this technology in the critical uses of businesses. However, on the other hand, artificial intelligence could also be used to enhance security, by facilitating authentication processes or improving the detection of deep fakes, for example.

During the InCyber Forum, this topic will be part of the debates: AI, risk or opportunity? How to build a ‘trustworthy’ AI and even use it for cybersecurity?



Tixeo, committed to the protection of critical communications

Today, major companies in sensitive sectors (finance, defense, energy, etc.) trust Tixeo to protect their confidential communications.

Thanks to its proprietary end-to-end encryption technology, certified and qualified by ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems), the French company meets the highest security requirements for online meetings.

Its secure video conferencing offerings are available on the Cloud and On-Premise, to adapt to the needs of organizations. In the event of a crisis, they can rely on Tixeo to continue their most sensitive exchanges.

On the brink of the implementation of NIS2 and DORA, Tixeo supports organizations in strengthening their cyber-resilience.

InCyber Forum 2024

Come and discuss secure video conferencing with the Tixeo teams (stand A4-30)