Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing announces that its TixeoServer solution just obtained the elementary qualification. ANSSI recommends to use Tixeo’s solution for administrations, critical operators and all European companies concerned about cybersecurity.

ANSSI is the French preeminent national authority for security and defense of information systems. In particular, the agency contributes to the development of trustworthy products and services for administrations and economic stakeholders alike.

This qualification follows the Security Certification (CSPN) awarded by ANSSI within the category “Secure Communication”.

Tixeo, the first video conferencing solution certified and qualified by ANSSI*
Tixeo, the first video conferencing solution certified and qualified by ANSSI*

Tixeo, video conferencing solution qualified by ANSSI.  

Tixeo certified by the ANSSI​: the result of 10 years of R&D

Receiving this certification is a recognition of its technological efficiency regarding cyber security, which highly differentiates Tixeo from other offers on the market. Besides high-performance audio and video and advanced collaboration features, its technology keeps your communications private thanks to innovative security mechanisms.

Among these major innovations, Tixeo includes a real end-to-end encryption in a multipoint meeting (impossible on legacy H.323 / SIP video conferencing systems). In addition, there is no need to open any ports on both workstations (Windows or macOS) and network equipment, keeping the organization’s network security policies unchanged. 

The answer to the video conferencing security challenge

The information exchanged in videoconferences is often critical. Communications during executive committees, R&D technical meetings or sales and partnership negotiations deserve perfect confidentiality.

Industrial espionage risks are real: there was until today a complete lack of sovereign, yet performant video conferencing solutions with certified security for our European companies and organizations.

The qualification of TixeoServer attests to the executives and IT managers Tixeo’s ability to guaranty security and real robustness to address identified threats.

Now, companies, national and European organizations can choose a 100% European solution, easy to use and ensuring the confidentiality of their meetings.

* ANSSI: Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information = National Cybersecurity Agency of France