Tixeo video conferencing on Linux: full confidentiality for your meetings

25 Apr 2018

Tixeo, a European software company specialized in secure video conferencing, announces the availability of its solution for the Linux operating system. Users of this free platform can now install the native Tixeo client and enjoy all its benefits as well as a high level of security and privacy.

This new release complements the other Tixeo client versions already available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It is now possible to install it under different Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS…) allowing to organize and participate in videoconferences in complete privacy.

Combining Tixeo and Linux to reach an unprecedented level of security

Security is one of the essential and common components of the Linux system and the Tixeo solution. By linking these two technologies the users have access to a really private videoconference that meets the most stringent security requirements.

In addition to the secure environment on the Linux platform, Tixeo provides users with a set of innovative mechanisms to guarantee the security and privacy of online meetings. The solution offers in addition to a real end-to-end encrypted communication (video/audio/data) for multi-point videoconferencing, a link encryption between client and server, or not needing to open any network ports.


Renaud Ghia, Tixeo CEO, addsLinux users were already aware of communication security issues. With the Tixeo solution, they finally have a real professional videoconferencing solution that is perfectly secure”.

La tecnología francesa Tixeo

Tixeo is the first videoconferencing solution (and the only one to date) to obtain the ANSSI -1-  Security Visa for the elementary level qualification and CSPN -2- certification fot its Tixeo Server version product (qualification decision n°1606).

A professional videoconference under Linux

The Linux version of the client brings the same quality and smoothness to communications as others platforms (HD/4K video, crystal-clear sound). It also offers many collaboration features like apps and desktop sharing, remote control, end-to-end encrypted chat and file transfer, record and livestreaming or corporate messaging.

-1- Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information = National Cybersecurity Agency of France

-2- Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau = First level safety certification