After starting the fifth generation of WorkSpace3D by adding the SIP & H.323 Gateway, the universal video conferencing WorkSpace3D 5.5 brings a 100% web-based access allowing you to attend video conferences from a web browser, without requiring any plugin.

This feature mostly targets Mac & Linux users who were unable to join WorkSpace3D video conferences until now.

From now on with universal’s video conferencing WorkSpace3D 5.5, they will be able to :

  • Join a WorkSpace3D meeting in one click right form their favorite web browser
  • Share their microphone & webcam
  • See and hear everyone
  • See shared documents
Universal video conferencing with WorkSpace3D 5.5

At the same time, the R&D team is about to complete both iOS & Android mobile apps, which will be officially released over the next weeks.

Thanks to the support of SIP & H.323 room-based solutions, the web-based access and the upcoming mobile apps, the universal video conferencing WorkSpace3D 5.5 becomes an secured solution with HD quality, allowing meeting easily from any device, anywhere.