Apolline SCHMITT, lawyer at the Strasbourg Bar and Data Protection Officer (DPO) for Tixeo, agreed to answer our questions on the challenges of personal data security for companies.

Since 2021, Apolline SCHMITT has been working with Tixeo to ensure maximum protection of Tixeo customers’ and users’ personal data. Indeed, Tixeo, a secure video conferencing solution, is 100% compliant with the RGPD and puts this compliance at the heart of its commitments.

Discover Apolline SCHMITT’s interview:

4 main risks for company data in the event of a security breach

Personal data must be given maximum protection in organisations. Indeed, in the event of a security breach, personal data is put at risk. Apolline SCHMITT identifies 4 main risks for companies:

  1. a technical risk: the personal data is no longer available, which implies restoring its access and putting in place more robust security mechanisms.
  2. a legal risk: as the integrity of the data is compromised, the company is no longer compliant with legal provisions such as the RGPD.
  3. an image risk: the leakage of personal data can damage the reputation of the company, which will see its trust index decrease.
  4. a financial risk: correcting security breaches, restoring service and dealing with customer concerns can have very significant financial consequences for the company, even jeopardising its business.

DPO: an essential role for the protection of personal data in companies

Within a company, the DPO has several roles that Apolline SCHMITT details in her interview. He acts alongside the company to :

  • Inform and advise the person responsible for processing personal data and raise awareness among the company’s employees
  • Monitor compliance with the provisions on personal data protection within the company
  • Cooperate and act as a contact point with the supervisory authority, such as the CNIL in France.
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The Tixeo secure video conferencing solution is certified and qualified by the ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security).