WorkSpace3D 4.7: major update of Google’s VP8 codec

Workspace3D & Google VP8 codec : it works

Almost two years ago, Tixeo was the first videoconferencing software company to integrate Google’s VP8 open source codec, the only free alternative to H264. Since then, many industry leaders have adopted it, such as Mozilla, ARM and AMD, and VP8 is on the line for being the video standard over Internet.

The WebM community, leading VP8 developments, has worked hard on increasing its performance on both encoder and decoder. The last VP8 version, codenamed “Duclair” brings huge performance improvements, up to 50% faster than version 1.0. As videoconferencing is a high-demanding application for CPU’s, Tixeo worked on integrating this major update to give its customers the best communication experience.

Indeed, Tixeo always keeps listening its customers, and not all of them have the latest CPU’s on their computers, making it difficult for some of them to enjoy Full HD multi-party video conferences. By reducing a lot CPU usage, multi-party video conferences over WorkSpace3D are now smoother than ever, even on the oldest computers. Video quality has been also improved.

Thanks to this update, WorkSpace3D runs now faster, using less CPU, and delivers a better video quality.

Workspace3D 4.7 : knowing Tixeo

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