WorkSpace 3D integration of H323 & SIP : WorkSpace3D values your existing investments

Over the past decade, companies have invested a lot on H323 & SIP endpoints and Telepresence rooms. One major issue for them was not being able to use their existing equipments with other vendors solutions, limiting it mostly to internal use.

By releasing a WorkSpace 3D integration of H323 & SIP Gateway, we allow any hardware-based room system to join a multi-party HD video conference over WorkSpace3D. Tixeo solves this well-known interoperability issue in the videoconferencing market, and our customers will not only value their existing equipments and investments, but also increase productivity.

A seamless integration giving the best of both worlds

Solutions providing interoperability with H323 and SIP endpoints have been on the market for a while now, but are difficult to use because they require opening many ports on the network of each participant.

Tixeo’s H323 and SIP Gateway makes it a lot easier as WorkSpace3D users don’t need to change their network security policy to call a legacy room system. Indeed, as the Gateway is on the server side, in the cloud for SaaS subscriptions or On-premise, WorkSpace3D users benefit from Tixeo’s HTTPS Tunneling technology while being over a video conference with legacy room systems.

As ease of use is one our core values, each legacy room system joining a WorkSpace3D video conference is identified with the real name of the user and not an IP address. Interoperability has never been easier.

SaaS or On-premise

In both model, the H323 & SIP Gateway is accessible to Tixeo’s customers. It is included, free of charge on SaaS subscriptions, and available as an optional Gateway Appliance for On-premise solutions.

WorkSpace 3D integration: 5.0 now supports H323 & SIP - Tixeo