WorkSpace3D and meeting3D version 2.5

21 Dec 2007

New release WorkSpace3D: this new release focuses on ease of use and quality of meetings.

Here are the main improvements from version 2.0 up to 2.5:

New release of WorkSpace3D, ease of use:

  • Meeting management system is easier to use.
  • Auto calibration of audio and video devices.
  • While in a meeting, a new ‘Action panel’ allows a quick access to the main features (desktop and application sharing, PowerPoint, white board, file sharing…).
  • The new application sharing feature allows to share only one application instead of the whole desktop. Thus other data on your desktop is kept private.


  • Voice quality and overall Quality of Service (QoS) has been improved. In addition to an automatic adaptation to the network conditions, it also takes care of CPU usage and priorizes voice to ensure a smooth experience.


  • A new server architecture allows to manages huge worldwide deployments very easily.
  • The client plug-in is even easier to deploy, works without any rights on the computer, supports any recent browser and Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • Help content has been improved and is now located on your servers for WorkSpace3D.
New release WorkSpace3D : WorkSpace3D & meeting3D 2.5

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