Heartbleed: a security vulnerability to watch closer

In the past few days, a security vulnerability has made the major headlines around the world: your passwords and personal data may be at risk, on numerous web sites.

Despite heartbleed, regarding Tixeo, your data has been safe all the time: our products are simply immunized against this vulnerability.

All our products use the SSL/TLS protocol to ensure secure and confidential communications during your video conferences. Unlike many others sites, the technologies we use are protected against Heartbleed.

Moreover, with Tixeo, your data is physically stored in the European Union, protected from eavesdroppers.

You can continue to use our services to communicate with confidence.

Should you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Heartbleed flaw: Tixeo security

Tixeo provides the most secure video conferencing technology on the market

For more than 15 years, Tixeo teams have been designing and developing, in collaboration with large companies, innovative mechanisms to ensure a level of security never reached before for multipoint communications.

Knowing Tixeo

Our mission is to design and provide organizations with secure videoconferencing solutions that guarantee the strict privacy of their communications.

Working in close cooperation with our customers, we have developed 100% European videoconferencing solutions with a level of performance, collaboration and security never achieved before (certified and qualified by ANSSI).

Every day, all over the world, we support thousands of users, SMEs and large groups. Aware of the challenges related to espionage and cybercrime issues, we are committed to offering our clients a unique and highly secure collaboration experience.

Tixeo security: our solutions

Our secure videoconferencing solutions are available in the public and private clouds as well as on premise.

Tixeo’s secure video conferencing solutions can be adapted to any type of organization or even create a custom service for you.

Afraid of the “Heartbleed” threat? Your information is safe