Security-by-design in video conferencing software offers guaranteed protection against espionage.

The data used by Avant-garde Materials Simulation Deutschland GmbH (Avmatsim) is high-value and strictly confidential. The company needs a protection almost like that seen in spy movies. The company is one of only a few providers worldwide that use their proprietary GRACE software to predict the crystal structure of molecules. This data is used in developing new medical agents. Avmatsim’s customers are large corporations from the pharmaceutical industry.

Because the loss of this sensitive data would have such serious – and not just financial – consequences, any work-related communication must be kept strictly confidential. Avmatsim and its employees must ensure that no information is leaked into the outside world. Today, of course, this also includes communication in videoconferences. The use of most popular providers would not be an option for Avmatsim – because hardly any of them can offer truly secure encryption. If customers insist on the use of common platforms, they will therefore be held in a separate room via a dedicated device. In internal communications, however, Avmatsim has a free choice of platform for its videoconferences.


Covid pandemic: confidential communications in teleworking

Until only a few years ago, there was a strict working-from-office policy and the question of highly secure video conferencing did not arise. But when the Covid pandemic came along, it presented Avmatsim with a much more complex task than was faced by other companies who could simply rely on the well-known providers. Suddenly, the reality was that conversations about sensitive content would regularly occur outside the office. The challenge was clear: Avmatsim needed a video conferencing platform with highly secure encryption that would leave attackers with no chance. The solution also had to come from Europe, because the US Patriot Act required providers there to make their communications data available for the government to access.

During her research, Elsa Gheziel-Neumann came across the Tixeo platform. Like Avmatsim itself, is Tixeo from France and was built from the start to be secure-by-design. Tixeo is the only provider whose end-to-end encryption has a CSPN certification from ANSSI (French Information Security Authority). Tixeo is also recognised by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as equivalent to a certificate according to the Accelerated Security Certification (Beschleunigten Sicherheitszertifizierung, BSZ). With Tixeo, the data stream is not decrypted at any point in the communication. The encryption keys are created for the conference and exchanged exclusively between the participants. No one else has access to the keys, making it impossible to decrypt the stream. This makes the solution perfect for a company like Avmatsim, where the protection of highly sensitive data is paramount.


Feel safe when sharing sensitive content by video conferences

Over the pandemic period, Tixeo has established itself at Avmatsim and is still in daily use today. When it comes to communicating with busy external experts, keeping management available even from holidays or business trips, holding regular team meetings or using the screenshare function while highly sensitive data is shown on the screens – Tixeo guarantees fast collaboration that does not come at the expense of security.

In the past, it would have been unthinkable for Avmatsim to make video conferencing a part of its daily work. Given the highly sensitive data being used, the security concerns were far too great. But the experience with Tixeo has changed that. Now Avmatsim can make use of this efficient and fast video solution with full confidence. No wonder Elsa Gheziel-Neumann says: “I can trust Tixeo and feel a lot safer overall. Tixeo is the best when it comes to security and privacy in video conferencing and that’s exactly what we need. Alongside many other features, it makes it easier for us to collaborate in everyday life. All the better that it is a French solution. A lot more people should know about Tixeo and use it.


About Tixeo 

Tixeo is the leading European company for secure video collaboration. Tixeo is the only video conferencing technology certified to CSPN standard by ANSSI (France’s National Computer and Network Security Agency) for end-to-end encryption. This certification is recognised by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Tixeo is certified by numerous government agencies and certified with the “Cybersecurity Made in Europe” label and many others. This level of independent verification is unique and makes Tixeo the safest virtual meeting software in the world. Tixeo is headquartered in Montpellier, with offices in Germany and Spain.

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