New Tixeo features : recurrence of meetings and interface customization

28 Jun 2018

The release of the new Tixeo (V 14.5.0) is an opportunity to provide additional features that simplify the scheduling of periodic meetings and offer more personalization to organizations.

Tixeo features : Scheduling a recurring meeting once and for all

It is frequent for Tixeo users to repeatedly schedule online work meetings in order to meet on a periodic schedule. Tixeo (certified and qualified ANSSI) meets this need and offers organizations to precisely set up the frequency of the videoconferences they schedule in a single operation. During the meeting configuration step it is now possible to choose the frequency of repetition (in day, week -with choice of days of the week-, month or year) and to define the end of this periodicity. This option offers considerable time-savings by automating the repetition of meetings, thus putting an end to manual and repeated scheduling.

Tixeo customized with your branding

To display a consistent brand image in the implementation of their information system, organizations are increasingly adopting customizable solutions. Tixeo now offers this possibility and allows to adapt the graphic identity of companies (logo, graphic guide line, etc.) on all versions of its software client (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android), its information emails (account creation, invitations, etc.) and its Web account management interface.