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Videoconferencing security - Resources White Paper Tixeo

Videoconferencing security

Tixeo offers you this white paper which presents a state of the art of security in video conferencing and video collaboration and details the security mechanisms developed by Tixeo for its video conferencing solutions.

white paper on teleworking security

Reinventing and securing teleworking in 2023

​Teleworking is now a must for most employees and organisations. It offers many advantages and reflects a new vision of work, driven by the younger generation.

In this white paper on the security of teleworking, discover the advice and best practices of Tixeo, which has been 100% ‘augmented teleworking’ for 8 years, to deploy and secure teleworking, while improving productivity and quality of life.

Guia Tixeo RGPD

Protecting your data is central to our commitments

In this guide, Tixeo gives a fully transparent explanation of its personal data protection policy. What types of data are collected? For what purposes? Where are they hosted? How long is the data retained?

With one click, select your user profile and view all the information about the processing of your personal data by Tixeo, a 100% GDPR-compliant video conferencing solution.

Tixeo provides a secure video conferencing technology that is used by many organisations.

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