The National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) has just updated the list of qualified products and services and announced the renewal of the qualification of the highly secure video collaboration server: TixeoServer. Tixeo is still the only video conferencing technology to be CSPN certified and qualified by ANSSI.

Qualification is the recommendation by the French State of proven cybersecurity products or services approved by ANSSI. Through the product qualification process, the ANSSI ensures that the products reach a certain level of security and confidence for E2EE multipoint. This qualification provides an essential level of confidence for operators of vital importance (OIV) and organisations with sensitive activities.

Tixeo provides:

1. Security of communications:

  • Tixeo’s secure video collaboration platform takes into account security at all levels, from the design stage (Secure by design). It does not need to be deployed in a secure network environment to guarantee a high level of confidentiality to its customers’
  • Tixeo’s unique architecture enables true end-to-end encryption of audio, video & data streams, including in multipoint meetings, while passing through a server (End-to-End encryption AES 256), and keeping a high adaptability to network This encryption technology protects meetings from eavesdropping and helps protect organisations from industrial espionage.

2. A variety of deployments:

The Tixeo secure video conferencing server can be adapted to different types of infrastructures. The solution is thus available for:

  • In the Tixeo private cloud as a managed server
  • On-premise, allowing organisations to deploy it directly within their infrastructure: this meets the most stringent integration requirements and ensures the highest level of security.

For even more security, the TixeoServer can be opened or closed on the internet, integrated to SecNumCloud qualified hosting infrastructures, or even deployed in “Restricted Distribution” environments.

3. Sovereign and trusted technology:

Tixeo’s software design and development are exclusively made in Europe (100% Made in France), in-house and its proprietary technology is not subject to foreign legislation. Tixeo’s servers are hosted in Europe and the company will finalize its multi-cloud deployment in 2022, while making sure to choose only 100% sovereign and European hosts.

4. Continuous innovation:

Tixeo has designed its videoconferencing technology based on a set of innovative mechanisms to ensure a level of security never reached before for online meetings. An organization opting for an ANSSI-labelled end-to-end encryption mechanism is always guaranteed to use a reliable and perfectly secure solution.

For obvious security reasons, actors from the defense, armament, or industry sectors use Tixeo to collaborate efficiently from a distance while being guaranteed the privacy of their exchanges. Private or public organizations face the same issues during their board meetings, technical, R&D or sales meetings, and industrial espionage is one of the main threats for them. Tixeo is the perfect answer to mobility, security and privacy needs expressed by users, whatever the domain.