Version 17 of Tixeo secure video conferencing is now available. It includes many new features to offer more speed and ease of use to our users.

Here is everything you need to know about this new major version of the software.

Renaud Ghia, President de Tixeo, presents the V.17 👉

More performance on degraded networks with the QUIC layer

Being able to organise or participate in a videoconference meeting in any location, from any network, is a wish of many teleworkers or nomadic workers. To do so, the video conferencing software used must be very adaptable to network variations.

Tixeo has been working on this and has integrated the QUIC layer to its secure video conferencing solution.

Developed in collaboration with researcher François Michel from the University of Louvain, this technological innovation allows users to ensure continuity of their communications even when their network is severely degraded. Thus, if they experience difficult network conditions, they will not be affected by high latency and will be able to benefit from optimised audio and video quality.


Increased uses

In addition to standard office use, Tixeo customers will benefit from this new technology for many other uses: for example, for theatres of operations (military, civil security, etc.) or remote assistance on complex equipment.

A first in the field of video conferencing

The QUIC layer research work applied to secure video conferencing technology allows Tixeo to become a pioneer in the use of this state-of-the-art protocol for video and audio communications.

Easier access to a secure online meeting

Another evolution of the new version of Tixeo is the strengthening of its accessibility. The challenge was twofold: it was necessary to facilitate access to videoconferencing while still guaranteeing maximum security for exchanges and users.


With a new feature: the waiting room

This challenge has been met with the possibility to share an invitation link to join a videoconference, on a web browser or on the Tixeo software, without compromising the security of the online meeting.

Indeed, when a person clicks on a link to connect to a Tixeo videoconference they have received, they access a waiting room. At the same time, the organizer receives a notification that a guest wants to join the videoconference: he can then accept or not his participation. This limits the risk that a malicious person will automatically join the videoconference by clicking on the link.

salle d'attente

Maximum communication security always guaranteed

Tixeo is the only French secure video conferencing solution certified and qualified by the ANSSI. Thanks to its end-to-end encryption, all audio, video and data streams are protected from spying.

Moreover, Tixeo is 100% compliant with the RGPD and is not subject to extraterritorial laws (such as the Cloud Act in the US) that allow communications to be tapped under certain conditions.

Full control of the organizer on the online meeting

The organizer of a Tixeo videoconference has full control over his meeting. Indeed, he can control the entrance of participants and also exclude some people from the videoconference if needed.

Maximum security for video conferences is essential today, as many spies manage to break into sensitive online meetings. In its latest flash on economic interference, the DGSI gives the example of a research institute that was the victim of a malicious intrusion during one of its video conferences, due to the low level of security of the software used.

And more news…

Recording playback

Among the other new features of Tixeo version 17: it is now possible to play a recording of a Tixeo meeting directly from the software.

Version 17 of Tixeo

Background customisation

In addition to blurring, it is now possible to customise the image displayed in the background, by choosing directly from a selection or by uploading the file of your choice.

New user experience

Finally, Tixeo is evolving its graphical interface to simplify and improve the user experience of the solution.