With teleworking, your employees can travel to the four corners of the world. How do you keep in touch with your remote teams?

1. Create rituals

Scheduling regular video conference meetings is essential to maintain a good team dynamic. If your employees are in different time zones, it is important to collectively define a time slot that suits everyone.

Ideally, you should set up a weekly online meeting with all the teams and plan more informal moments with all or part of the workforce. These rituals will help to strengthen their involvement and the bond between your employees.

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Julien's 5 tips, developer at Tixeo, for a successful return to teleworking

2. Exchange with your employees individually via video conference

Team meetings are essential, but it is equally important to talk to each member of staff individually. Videoconferencing creates this feeling of closeness and also allows you to ensure the well-being of each member of your team. This is an opportunity to find out more about their daily life as a digital nomad, the progress of their current projects and any difficulties they may be experiencing.

These moments of sharing can be scheduled during a time slot that you will have defined together beforehand.

3. Use a suitable and secure video collaboration tool

To facilitate remote collaboration, your videoconferencing tool must have suitable functions. With its video collaboration solution, Tixeo offers the Fusion mode: a virtual open-space where your collaborators can work together in a synchronized way without the inconvenience of an intrusive and time-consuming video conference.

The “automatic timezone” feature is another interesting advantage of Tixeo for telecommuting teams. When your collaborators schedule a meeting online, the time will be displayed according to the participant’s local time. This is very useful to avoid getting the wrong time slot! This feature is also useful for online meetings that you schedule with your international clients or partners.

Finally, remote collaboration must be safe. Digital nomads are likely to be working in different locations and this increases the risk of cyber attacks and espionage. Above all, your employees must be made aware of these cybersecurity issues.

The chosen videoconferencing solution should offer high security guarantees. Tixeo offers an end-to-end encryption technology for audio, video and data communications (certified and qualified by ANSSI). This technology allows to protect online meetings from any intrusion, whatever the number of participants.

Advantages and limitations of asynchronous working 

Asynchronous working makes it possible to mobilise resources and talents from anywhere in the world. But if this mode of working is becoming more democratic with the generalisation of teleworking and hybrid working, it still has its limits. Its implementation must be supported and mobile teams must be able to communicate regularly in a synchronous way.

At Tixeo, the teams are 100% remote and work in the same time zone to facilitate collaboration. Every quarter, seminars are organised with all the staff so that everyone can get to know each other better, which strengthens team cohesion.