When using Tixeo secure video conferencing, our customers and users share personal data. But where is it hosted?

Video conferencing: the importance of hosting personal data

The question of hosting is a key point in the protection of personal data. Indeed, in order to fight against computer espionage and to ensure that the integrity of personal data is respected, it is necessary to ensure that the data is stored within the European Union.

Most of the major videoconferencing publishers now provide their solutions in the Cloud, via non-sovereign hosting facilities located and/or administered outside the European Union. This is the case for American companies, but also for French and European companies, which choose to store their data on Amazon (AWS), Google or Microsoft clouds.

Video conferencing: do you (really) know how your personal data is processed?

A challenge to European corporate sovereignty

The main risk for European companies is therefore a loss of sovereignty. Indeed, these clouds are generally of American origin and subject to the Cloud Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act). This series of extraterritorial laws on data processing allows the United States to oblige, under certain conditions (by subpoena or warrant), publishers and operators located on American territory to provide data stored on servers in the United States or abroad. This means that the personal data of European citizens can be communicated.

In contrast, in Europe, the GDPR provides a strong framework for the processing of personal data and the issue of hosting is central. The GDPR prohibits any transfer of data to a third country, entity or organisation without prior contractual agreement.

Video conferencing: is a European solution essential?

Tixeo hosts all its data in France

This is one of Tixeo’s commitments to guarantee an optimal protection of its customers’ and users’ personal data. Tixeo’s data hosting is located in France (Strasbourg, Gravelines and Roubaix) according to a multi-datacenter strategy to ensure high availability of service. To host its data, Tixeo trusts OVH, a company committed to data security.

How does Tixeo use my personal data?

A secure and 100% GDPR compliant video conferencing solution

Tixeo, the European leader in secure video conferencing, puts GDPR compliance at the heart of its commitments. By choosing to host its data in a sovereign cloud and by proposing robust security mechanisms such as end-to-end encryption of communications, Tixeo ensures maximum security of its customers’ data in strategic and sensitive fields such as defense or industry.