The new release of the Tixeo application (V.16.6.2) is available as of June 20, 2022. Users of the Tixeo secure videoconferencing solution now have access to a lot of users statistics to learn more about the use and operation of the solution as well as the quality of the service.

Better understanding of the solution within the organisation

All users, from the attendee to the administrator, now have access to numerous statistics on Tixeo videoconferencing usage through their personal online account. This feature is particularly useful for subscription managers and administrators who can get a lot of data about the use of the solution within their organization: at a glance they can see, for example, the evolution of the number of meetings held over a given period. Access to this information represents a significant benefit for fine-tuning the subscription to the needs of the users and the organisation.

Statistics Tixeo secure videoconference
Statistics Tixeo secure videoconference

Monitoring quality of service

The statistics provided by the platform also include quality of service data. The quality of each user session is evaluated by a score from 1 to 5. The automatic compilation of these evaluations gives a score to the meetings, the subscription and the server, making it possible to have complete traceability of the evolution of the quality of service. This process makes it possible to identify the origin of a loss of quality of service for a user or a group of users.

Statistics Tixeo secure videoconference QoS

Examples of available users statistics

  • Number of meetings, messages, contacts, discussion groups…
  • Average length of ended meetings*.
  • Users (connected or “Online status”, real time) ***
  • Total seats on all subscriptions*.
  • Maximum number of seats used at the same time
  • Maximum number of seats used during a meeting*.
  • Average number of seats used during a meeting*
  • Organizers included in all subscriptions (free or used, in real time) *
  • Meeting quality *
  • Security level*
  • Number of attendees per meeting
  • Top 5 subscriptions (by number of meetings) ***
  • Top 5 organisers (by number of meetings) **

*data accessible by subscription managers and administrators


Many other improvements and bug fixes

Version 16.6.2 also introduces other new features. In TMMS, for example, it is possible to delete users en masse using a CSV file. On the TCC side, the filtering of the contact list has been improved.

On Android, iOS and Mac, the rendering performance of the user interface has also been optimised.

All the new features of version 16.6.2 can be found on the online release note

Do you know?

Accessing a meeting from a simple browser

Since version 16.5, it is possible for your guests to join a meeting from a browser: it is no longer necessary to install the Tixeo application. This access mode can be set by the meeting organizer during the planning phase according to the desired level of privacy.

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    TixeoFusion: the virtual open-space adapted to team home office

    Among the 3 communication modes proposed by Tixeo, the Fusion mode offers a new approach to remote video-collaboration. This organization provides a realistic feeling close to a face-to-face organization and thus increases the commitment of the collaborators.

    The Fusion feature is integrated in the Tixeo Application regardless of the offer.

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    Visioconférence collaborative Tixeo
    Cybersecurity made in Europe

    Tixeo is Cybersecurity Made in Europe approved.

    Visa ANSSI

    Tixeo technology is certified and qualified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency.