The Tixeo client update (V. 16.6.0) is available today for all users of the secure video conferencing platform. Among the new features: a new homepage and an advanced notification system optimized for mobile use.

This latest version displays a new home screen redesigned as a real dashboard offering the user all the information related to the activity of his personal account. The user will find the list of meetings in progress but also other very useful information such as the name of the videoconference server to which he is connected, the date, the time and above all a window displaying the latest notifications (invitations, missed meetings, new messages, available recordings, etc.). Note that this activity flow is also available in a new tab in the general menu, accessible during a meeting

This notification system considerably improves the user experience on mobile. Thanks to push notifications from one’s phone or tablet, it is now possible to be informed in real time of account activities, including incoming video calls.

With Tixeo, receiving an end-to-end encrypted video call on your smartphone is now as natural as receiving a simple phone call.

Indeed, whatever the equipment used and the number of attendees connected, communication privacy is ensured. Tixeo’s unique architecture allows, including in multipoint meetings, a real end-to-end encryption (client to client) of audio, video & data streams while passing through a server (End-to-End encryption AES 256), while keeping a great adaptability to network variations. Tixeo remains the only editor in Europe to offer a video conferencing technology certified and qualified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI)..