Tixeo, FIC 2020 Silver Partner

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Tixeo is pleased to welcome you to the 12th edition of the FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum), which will be held in Lille from 28 to 30 January 2020.

With more than 10,000 visitors, 400 exhibitors and more than 80 nationalities represented, the FIC is the leading event in digital security.

This year, the Tixeo team is waiting for you at the Hexatrust area to discuss about the security and confidentiality of your video collaboration and videoconferencing tools.

Registration to the FIC is free for visitors and subject to validation by the organizers.



Tixeo launches TixeoFusion and revolutionizes remote collaboration

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Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, launches TixeoFusion, its new advanced collaboration feature. By offering this innovation to all its users, Tixeo offers a revolutionary approach to videoconferencing and concretely optimizes the interactions between team members within in the same collaboration space.

The use of videoconferencing is not always easy for large teams managing complex projects. Some situations require perfect synchronization and clear and structured communication between participants.

TixeoFusion addresses these issues and offers a unique and secure video collaboration space in which participants appear as video bubbles. These bubbles can merge, generating independent discussion groups within the same meeting. Each collaborator can therefore create or join a group by selecting the attendees he wishes to discuss with. A simple click is all it takes to leave or get a participant out of a group. Each group is assigned a different colour, making it easier to identify them. It is of course possible not to join any group: this allows you to have an overview of the videos of the other collaborators without being disturbed by their conversation.

This organization provides a realistic feeling close to a face-to-face meeting and thus encourages employee engagement. The feature also removes some drawbacks such as mixing subjects when everyone talks at the same time.

A new way of collaboration for new use-cases

For a project group or to manage a team of teleworkers, TixeoFusion replaces the classic open-space on a daily basis. This mode of collaboration is also perfectly adapted to crisis rooms and allows to globally dirve operations while offering targeted management in several distinct action groups. Finally, for workshops or distance learning, this feature allows the creating smaller work groups and gives trainers the ability to easily answer individual requests.

TixeoFusion mode complements the many collaboration features offered by Tixeo and also provides a high level of security. Tixeo is currently the only videoconferencing technology certified and qualified by ANSSI[1], it integrates end-to-end encryption of communications (audio, video, and data) in multipoint videoconferencing as well as link encryption between client and server. The solution can be tested free of charge for 30 days on www.tixeo.com.

[1] French National Cybersecurity Agency


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Olivier AZAN
. +33 (0) 4 67 75 04 31

Tixeo joins Hexatrust

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Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, joins Hexatrust, winning alliance of cloud computing and cyber security champions. The announcement was made at the 5th “Université d’été d’Hexatrust” on 5 September 2019 with the participation of Jean-Noël de Galzain, President of Hexatrust and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the French Minister of Economy and Finance. By joining this group, Tixeo confirms its position as the leader in secure videoconferencing in Europe and demonstrates its ability to provide organizations with an effective tool to fight against industrial espionage.

Logo Hexatrust - Tixeo

Hexatrust is a group of French innovative companies born of the shared desire of French SMEs and mid-market, complementary actors with expertise in information systems security, cybersecurity and digital trust. Editors and integrators of innovative solutions representative of French excellence have come together to provide a range of high-performance, consistent and complete products and services for securing critical infrastructures.

Renaud-Ghia-TixeoRenaud Ghia, CEO Tixeo, says: “ We are proud to be part of a leading group in the fields of cloud computing and cybersecurity. By joining the best French players in the sector, we can share our expertise in secure videoconferencing and benefit from unique experiences. It is also a great satisfaction for Tixeo to participate in the development of the French digital sector at the national and international level.

The wide range of products and services offered by Hexatrust is complemented by the only videoconferencing solution certified and qualified by ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France). Tixeo technology ensures complete confidentiality of communications thanks to innovative security mechanisms. Among these major innovations, Tixeo introduces true end-to-end communication encryption (audio, video and data) in a multipoint meeting, link encryption between client and server, complete verification of the certification chain or not needing to open any network ports, thus fully respecting the organization’s network security policy.


About Hexatrust

Hexatrust, cluster of innovative companies, is the winning alliance of cloud computing and cyber security champions. Those technological gems are renowned, certified and share the same core values and ambitions: Excellency, Trust, Innovation, Action. Representative of an expert and agile industry, HEXATRUST promotes a panel of offers and a one-stop-shop that answers the greatest challenges and needs of public and private organizations:

  • Regulatory compliance: GDPR, EIDAS, NIS directive, Military Planning Law
  • Protection against cyber threats
  • Digital transformation major projects support

Committed, the HEXATRUST companies act together to promote and build trust in Cloud and Cyber excellency. Proactive, they contribute to the French digital influence and aspire for a European and international development.

Learn more: www.hexatrust.com

Tixeo secure video conferencing on StartupTips.com

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In this interview, Maribel Poyato, Country Manager Iberia / Latam, explains how Tixeo guarantee your privacy in your communications and their success on the European Markets.

By Javier Nieto León  |  Read the article on Startuptips.com

Logo Startuptips TIxeo

About you

Our mission is to design and provide organizations with secure videoconferencing solutions that guarantee the strict privacy of their communications.

What is your vision?

Make aware of the challenges related to espionage and cybercrime issues, we are committed to offering our clients a unique and highly secure collaboration experience. Tixeo is an innovative answer with a unique encryption architecture for videoconferencing.

No trustworthy offer on the market

After several eavesdropping scandals on the telephone network and Skype, trust in communication tools has been damaged. The governments of some countries require their communications solutions vendors to provide eavesdropping capabilities (backdoors). Thus, this includes over 90% of the solutions on the videoconferencing market.

Companies that want to hedge these risks usually isolate the communication tools on a private network. This approach can be efficient for internal communications but has the huge disadvantage of restricting the value of these solutions. In fact, it completely excludes external users: customers, suppliers, and partners.

What kind of solutions are you focused on?

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience and innovation in videoconferencing, Tixeo empowers its latest version with a new encryption architecture protecting online business meetings against any risk of corporate espionage.

We have developed 100% European video conferencing solutions with a level of performance, collaboration, and security never achieved before (certified and qualified by ANSSI).

How do you help to its customers and partners?

The Tixeo solution allows meeting in HD/4K video conferencing from any equipment (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux) while offering advanced collaboration features. Safety is taken into account at all stages of the conception (Secure by design).

It is available as a Cloud service, an on-premise server or outsourced (TixeoCloud, TixeoServer or TixeoPrivateCloud). The H.323 / SIP TixeoGateway service enriches these offers. For those wishing to equip new rooms, TixeoRoom is the solution. It will integrate naturally into the secured infrastructure while reducing installation and administration costs.

Customers Worldwide from SMB to large corporations.

Customers Worldwide from SMB to large corporation trust Tixeo: Nexter, Eurenco, DGA (the French Defense Procurement Agency), DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority), CNRS (French national center for scientific research), Ariane Group, Orange, Credit Agricole, etc.

What makes Tixeo different?

We offer the most secure video conferencing technology on the market. Tixeo offers true end-to-end encryption for multipoint videoconferencing while maintaining high adaptability to network fluctuations.

Communication privacy always guaranteed.

In addition to the client-to-server encryption (link encryption), all communications are now encrypted from end to end (from client to client). This end-to-end encryption allows an unparalleled level of security for multipoint communications. We guaranteed the communication privacy, even in the case of an attack targeting the Tixeo server.

This innovation has been made possible by the unique SVC on Demand (Scalable Video Coding on Demand) technology created by Tixeo’s R&D department. Currently constrained by their technological architecture, no other videoconferencing vendor can offer such a level of security

Javier Nieto León

Read the article on Startuptips.com


New Tixeo feature: the delegation of the right to organise a videoconference

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The latest version of the Tixeo client (V. 14.8.0) includes a new collaboration feature that allows you to delegate the organization and moderation rights of an online meeting.


Previously, only the organizer of a videoconference had the ability to set up and modify the different components of a meeting: such as duration, invited persons or participants’ rights.

In order to provide more flexibility and freedom in setting up and managing a meeting, the organiser can now delegate the rights of organisation and moderation to any guest attending a meeting. The latter will thus benefit from the same administrative and control capacities as the initial organiser.

For example, an employee could schedule a meeting for his manager and give him all the rights of organization and moderation. During the videoconference the manager will have full control, the employee who initiated the meeting will no longer even need to be present.

Another use case: if an organizer has to leave a meeting in progress, he/she only has to transfer his/her rights of organization and moderation to another participant and leave without interrupting the communication.

An innovation that complements the many collaboration features offered by Tixeo such as screen and application sharing, remote control, secure file transfer and chat, and corporate messaging.

Discover all the Tixeo collaboration features

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Tixeo, the French Frog 100% Home Office

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In these hot weather, telework topics are once again emerging in the media as a one-off solution to alleviate the inconvenience of high heat. This theme also includes each unforeseen event that could affect employee mobility (snowy episodes, social movements, H1N1 flu epidemic, etc.).

Addressing telework as a temporary response to these issues is not representative of the real transformation to which the world of work aspires today. Teleworking and new modes of collaboration address different challenges and bring many benefits other than those related to mobility.


TIXEO Digital Workplace

The Tixeo solution allows you to organize several conversations simultaneously within the same meeting

Digital Workplace by Tixeo

Tixeo did not wait for snow, heat waves or the last strike to take the path of teleworking. After more than 10 years of traditional on-site collaboration, the editor of secure videoconferencing solutions is moving towards remote working in 2015 and is now claiming to be a 100% dematerialized company. At a time when companies are choosing to grant only one or two days of teleworking per week, Tixeo goes further and offers its employees a real virtual space accessible on a full-time basis, using its secure videoconferencing solution.

tixeo-french-frogTixeo joins the FROGs (Fully Remote OrGanizationS) family, a new category of companies that fully organize their remote collaboration through an adapted digital ecosystem (Cf. Here Come the Frogs (Fully Remote Organizations)

Every morning at 9:00, Tixeo employees meet from home in the digital open space as they would do in a traditional office. The Tixeo solution offers HD/4K video and crystal-clear sound that provide an optimal communication experience, easing exchanges and interactions. Connected continuously, they can easily collaborate through screen and application sharing, remote control or secure messaging. Customers and partners can also instantly join discussions via the simple installation of the native Tixeo client or through interoperability with legacy videoconferencing systems. To avoid the inconveniences associated with cross-discussions, the solution allows Tixeo employees to separate out within the virtual open-space: those who so wish can discuss among themselves without being disturbed, while remaining visible to the rest of the team. At the end of the day, employees disconnect exactly as if they were leaving their desks.

The continuous connection avoids the feeling of isolation or exclusion that some teleworkers may feel; in addition, Tixeo teams regularly gather at headquarters for certain work meetings and to share more friendly moments.

However, it is legitimate for a continuous connection to give rise to mistrust and fears about employees’ privacy. To work peacefully, it is possible to cut off the camera and microphone or even disconnect as you would leave your desk to take a break or concentrate on your work. This mode of collaboration will probably not be compatible with all corporate cultures.

Finally, to ensure the confidentiality of conversations, the Tixeo technology offers a real end-to-end encryption of client-to-client communications (video/audio/chat/data), as well as encryption of communication links between client and server. Tixeo is currently the only certified videoconferencing solution (CSPN -1-) and qualified by ANSSI -2-.


100% home-office: a winning bet for Tixeo

Videoconference TixeoThe immediate effect was first of all a reduction in structural costs: it is no longer necessary to rent spacious offices for the entire team. Tixeo’s headquarters hosts the management and a showroom to welcome customers and partners. The employees are spread throughout France and Europe (Paris, Montpellier, Clermont-Ferrand, Nice, Madrid, etc.) and use equipments provided by the company.

The benefits of mobility are also numerous. Home-to-work journeys and their carbon footprint have disappeared from everyday life. Employees save time and quality of life, they evolve in a favorable environment, which reduces stress, delays and illness. This lack of travel leads them to be more concentrated and productive. This improved productivity is also due to the Tixeo video collaboration which offers more agility and efficiency in the tasks to be carried out.

This organization also optimizes employee recruitment and retention: the search for new talent is no longer limited to a geographical area: we hire the best people, not the one who lives closest to us. It is therefore possible to recruit throughout Europe without requiring the future employee and his/her family to move. Employees also enjoy complete freedom of mobility, allowing them to move from one region to another at any time, if they have a good Internet connection and a quiet place to stay.

Finally, the benefits of Tixeo videoconferencing are contagious and also benefit a growing number of our customers and partners: without being forced to do so, many use Tixeo spontaneously and benefit from it in practice: simplified meeting organization, enhanced customer relations, project follow-up and optimal reactivity. Being able to see each other in one click really increases the quality of customer relations.

[1] CSPN :  First Level Security Certification
[2] ANSSI : National Cybersecurity Agency of France


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Tixeo launches its Smart Meeting Grid technology and simplifies the global deployment of its secure videoconferencing

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Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, announces the launch of its SMG (Smart Meeting Grid) technology and offers all its customers the possibility to install its videoconferencing solution via the deployment of a multipoint network. The innovation is based on the intelligence of the system, which automatically connects users to the nearest communication servers.

Logo Smart Meeting Grid

The SMG technology allows the customer to set up its communication servers network in the regions of its choice. This multipoint infrastructure now includes intelligent management that automatically selects the active communication servers closest to users, significantly reducing latency and providing employees with an optimal user experience.

Smart Meeting Grid

Automatic selection of points of presence

This innovation perfectly meets the needs expressed by international groups who simply want to deploy Tixeo videoconferencing on a global scale and benefit from increased performance in communication flows (audio, video and data).

Renaud Ghia, CEO of Tixeo explains: “We were already proposing this type of multipoint architecture to bring users closer to communication servers. Our priority was to reduce delays (latency) that can be too long with remote sites. We now offer an infrastructure that is still easy to deploy but now has real intelligence that automatically selects the point of presence nearest to the user. This simplifies the procedure: the administrator no longer has to manually select the appropriate communication server. A simplicity that can also be found in the communication flow: each point of presence communicates only in HTTPS.

SMG technology has another advantage: it integrates a high level of service resilience. If one server stops working, another will automatically take over, ensuring continuity of service. SMG technology is designed to adapt to customers’ infrastructures, thus maintaining full control over the security of their communications.


Confidentiality and security under control in any situation:  the example of Orange

Logo Orange

The adaptability and the high level of security provided by Tixeo led Orange Group to add Tixeo secure videoconferencing to its collaboration tools.

Orange employees sometimes exchange confidential information during online meetings.

A communication server has therefore been placed in the company’s internal network to fully control the security of exchanges between employees. Videoconferences remain isolated from the rest of the company and from outside.

Employees may also be required to communicate with users outside the company. To secure these exchanges, a communication server, placed on an external Private Cloud, will automatically be selected to relay the communication flows between the internal and external servers. This organization also allows employees to use their smartphone or tablet for videoconferencing from outside via the Internet.


It should be remembered that the Tixeo secure videoconferencing solution integrates end-to-end encryption during multipoint meetings, including as communication flows (audio, video, data) pass through the SMG’s points of presence.

With SMG technology, Tixeo confirms its expertise in network and security issues applied to videoconferencing. The French editor currently offers the only certified videoconferencing solution (CSPN[1]) qualified by ANSSI[2]. Its offer was awarded the France Cybersecurity label in January 2019


[1] CSPN: Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau =  First Level Security Certification
[2] Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information = French National Cybersecurity Agency

Tixeo offers telepresence to all its customers

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Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing, announces the launch of its client’s new version (14.6.3): among the new features, the European editor offers an smart multiscreen display function allowing its users to extend the interface of the solution in high resolution on an unlimited number of monitors. With this innovation, organizations can now integrate telepresence into their online meetings.

Télépresence sécurisée HD Tixeo

Immersive HD telepresence for everyone

This new feature allows the solution to be easily adapted to meeting rooms and more broadly to situations requiring authentic face-to-face communication regardless of the number of screens connected to the system. With a simple click, the organizer can choose the number of monitors on which he wants to extend the Tixeo client. The participants’ videos are distributed and enlarged on the selected screens, thus reinforcing the feeling of reality and proximity.

To offer an even stronger immersive experience, Tixeo relies on its exclusive SVC on Demand technology that will maximize the quality of each video regardless of the number. Another advantage: the system automatically dedicates a screen for any desktop or application sharing, which enhances them, thus optimizing the collaborative aspect of the meeting. This functionality is compatible with the VideoTouch Compact, the Tixeo video conferencing kit for meeting rooms.

Sebastien Jeanjean TixeoSébastien JEANJEAN, Co-founder of Tixeo adds: “With this update, Tixeo clearly stands out from other solutions available on the market. Unlike most of our competitors, this new multi-screen feature provides easy access to telepresence at no additional cost to our customers. In addition, the Tixeo solution imposes no limit on the number of displays to be connected and provides HD quality for each video displayed, subject to sufficient bandwidth..


Safety as well

In addition, Tixeo provides a range of innovative security mechanisms, such as end-to-end encryption in multipoint meetings or client-server link encryption, enabling the implementation of the most secure telepresence meetings on the market. Tixeo is currently the only certified videoconferencing solution (CSPN-1-) and qualified by ANSSI-2-, and its offer was awarded the France Cybersecurity label at the beginning of the year.

Tixeo will soon include in its Tixeo Room range a complete kit particularly adapted to this functionality for meeting rooms equipped with several screens.


-1- CSPN: Certification de Sécurité de Premier Niveau =  First Level Security Certification

-2- Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information = French National Cybersecurity Agency

How to ensure the confidentiality of your online meetings?

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Tixeo’s secure videoconferencing solutions help organizations fight industrial espionage.

Sébastien JEANJEAN, Tixeo co-founder, introduces the Tixeo secure videoconferencing solution designed to meet the most stringent security and privacy requirements. The solution provides true end-to-end encryption of communications (video, audio, chat and data) in multipoint videoconferencing as well as communication link encryption between client and server.

The French technology Tixeo has obtained a CSPN certification and a qualification from ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France)

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Tixeo at IT Partners 2019

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Tixeo is partner of the IT Partners exhibition which will take place from 13 to 14 March 2019 at Disneyland Paris.

IT-Partners 2019

IT Partners is the meeting place for the decision-making community of the French IT Channel. For its 13th edition, the event has been expanded and obtains a global representation of the IT, Telecoms & Audiovisual market oriented 100% channel.

For 2 days, the Tixeo team welcomes you on its booth (B72) to share on videoconferencing, collaboration and security issues.